Tuesday, December 4, 2007



Link to this website for information on what we call 'unschooling'. I guess you could consider what our family did for the past 21 years as unschooling. Like many homeschoolers we started out with a 'special' room in the house with desks, black board, bookshelves, activity areas, etc. but soon learned (mostly from our children) these trappings weren't necessary, but more importantly, these trappings were a hindrance for real learning.

Sure, the room was spacious, bright and a fun place to be if we were just hanging out there and not trying to 'school', but we discovered we could hang out anywhere and still learn together. Yes, we learned together. Two of the best 'teachers' I ever had in my lifetime have been my two children. From them I learned the difference between schooling and education.

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