Parent-School Compact

Parent-School Compact

Telephone #:

Telephone #:

Re: (child’s name)

2012-2013 School Year

In the cooperative interest of ensuring a positive partnership between your school and we, parents, and by pursuing great expectations for the success of our son/daughter as a student at (name of school), we agree to support the following Parent-School Compact:

The Faculty and Administration of (name of school) will:

-refrain from any form of discipline towards our son/daughter since we are being forced to send our child to you under the threat of imprisonment and fines;
-under no circumstances prevent our son/daughter from learning freely and with an open, inquisitive mind;
-treat our son/daughter with the respect and dignity they would wish for their own family;
-provide a minimum of two hours of recreational reading time each day for our child;
-refrain from any form of grading including grade-level, group-level or team-training;
-refrain from using report cards, portfolios and other forms of assessment;
-refrain from assigning any form of homework, research or the equivalent thereof;
-refrain from giving or presenting any form of oral or written questions, quizzes and testing or the equivalent thereof, including SAT’s;
-provide a quiet and orderly area for the purpose of eating meals or snacks and refrain from sending our child to the school cafeteria for such a purpose;
-provide a minimum of 2 hours of computer access time daily;
-provide a minimum of 3 hours of private music, voice and dance lessons weekly;
-provide instruction in Latin, U.S. Constitution, U.S.Government & Law, American History, World History, Greek History, Roman History, Advanced Math, Advanced Science, Business & Marketing, and Classic Literature;
-refrain from discussing or presenting any pagan, school version, or commercial holidays and symbols such as Kawaanza, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Jack-O-Lantern, Leprechauns, etc.;
-refrain from presenting or discussing any such topics as sexual intercourse, puberty, sexuality, AIDS, homosexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, peer pressure, self-esteem, career counseling, values clarification, personal and family history;
-refrain from requiring our son/daughter to raise his/her hand for permission or conversational purposes;
-refrain from denying our son/daughter restroom privileges, water and food sources at any moment or time of day;
-refrain from allowing our son/daughter to be in the presence of any school health counselor, career counselor, or psychological counselor at any time before, during, or after school hours;
-refrain from restricting our son’s/daughter’s choice of clothing and apparel;
-refrain from testing our son/daughter by special education instructors or to determine the need for special education classes or services;
-refrain from placing our son/daughter in any special education classes and/or subject them to any special education instruction.

The parents of this (school name) child will:

-attend school orientations, open houses and parent-teacher meetings;
-treat school personnel with the respect and dignity they’ve earned;
-encourage independent reading;
-guarantee regular attendance, promptness and readiness to pursue a meaningful education;
-minimize medical/dental appointments whenever necessary;
-volunteer in the classroom and/or school in a way that supports our child’s education;
-provide an escort of our choosing at all times for our child during the hours he/she is in attendance or public school.

I agree with this Parent-School Compact and pledge to do everything in my power to enhance student achievement and promote effective home-school communication.

_________________________________________     Date____/____/____
(signature of parent/guardian)

_________________________________________     Date____/____/____
(signature of child/student)

__________________________________________     Date____/____/____
(signature of child’s teacher)

__________________________________________     Date____/____/____
(signature of principal)


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