Monday, December 31, 2007

What is guerrilla homeschooling?

What is guerrilla homeschooling? You've heard about homeschooling. You've heard about unschooling. Now you are hearing about guerrilla homeschooling. We're the ones who placed the word homeschooling on the tip of everyone's tongue and made homeschooling mainstream.

We are the home based educators who have paved the way for others through trial and error, through thick and thin, through the good times and the bad. We began in earnest and finished as proud parents of literate, intelligent, well adjusted and successful young adults who are now making their own way in the world. These children are of good character and are contributing members of their communities.

We are the home based educators who fought for and maintained our God-given, parental and constitutional rights. We are the home based educators who created an awareness that parents were meant to raise their own children, not some cockeyed version of a 'village' doing it. We took back our children and raised them as we saw fit to do, without interference from the so-called experts and without the public school's influence. We started from day one when our children were born. We stood our ground and didn't cave in to so-called child expert theories and shenanigans.

Our children have grown up free of labels, psychological and medically induced stupors, and whiney, self-absorbed peer pressures. Our children have grown up in the real world away from the artificial, institutionalized and self-destructive world of forced public schooling. It wasn't easy but it was worth the battle to maintain our sanity and safety of our children.

A new generation of children is emerging. A new generation of children who are educated not schooled, informed not indoctrinated, and whole not a hollowed out shell of what was once a loving, inquisitive child.

You'll read some rather frank and honest opinions here but feel free to jump into the debate. Don't be afraid to share your views or ask questions. Don't take things personally and do express your views.

You'll eventually see and understand there is a common thread here that joins us all. We all want what is best for our own children and we all want to maintain our rights, whether God-given, parental or constitutional. We all learn by trial and error. If we didn't we wouldn't be human. Instincts tend to play a huge roll in guerrilla homeschooling. Follow your instincts but arm yourself with knowledge. Question the policies, whims and propaganda that flows from the NEA controlled public schools. Learn the difference between getting an education and being schooled. Read, read, read and discuss.

The beauty of homeschooling, whether unschooling or guerrilla, is that you can learn right along side of your growing, inquisitive and loving child. Take back your child. Give them a fighting chance in this ruthlessly schooled world.

Cindy Wade
Home Education Advocate &
Guerrilla Homeschooler

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