Monday, October 12, 2009

Six year old facing 45 days in reform school...

The only crime committed here occurred when Zachery's mom enrolled him in public school. So now she's 'homeschooling' him (temporarily) until the matter can be resolved. C'mon mom, wise up! You knew the rules when you sent your baby off to school. Stop blaming the school for enforcing its rules no matter how absurd they are about applying the punishment across the board. We can only hope that Zachery's mom will wise up and decide to homeschool him permanently.

Is college public school?

Is college public school? I was recently asked this question on Facebook after posting a video of some students from Ron Clark Academy singing about Obama's proposed health care reform on CNN and voicing my concern as to whether or not these students were learning academics or were being indoctrinated. The questioner complained she was fed up with people knocking her public school experience. This was my response:

College is a choice which is usually made as an adult although more and more mid-teens are enrolling, many of them being homeschoolers. You are free to leave college at any time or pick and choose what you want to study. Public school (K-12), once enrolled, is not about choice, or freedom, or education for neither the parent or the child. Public schooling is about control of the parents and the money, and it's about job comfort and job security for the people employed within the system.

Parents can choose public, private (judging from the appearance of the students in this video they are attending a private school so there is no guarantee there won't be any indoctrination going on in a private school) or home schooling but it's usually a question of finance. Many must send their children into public schooling under the threat of truancy, jail and a hefty fine, however, they can choose alternatives if they aren't selfish, are willing to work hard, or make sacrifices.

People who choose to send their children to public schools have no business complaining about them or what the school personnel teach their children, even if that means the parents feel it's inappropriate or detrimental to their family's well-being.

If you need to ask 'is college public school?' I would question the caliber of education you are receiving with your own college experience. Most state colleges are a cesspool of liberal thinking and a degree is basically bought or is simply a reward for attending.

You need to ask yourself what truly constitutes an 'education'. I know lots of degree holders who are well-meaning idiots. If you take what I have to say personally then you may want to consider stepping back and taking a good hard look at your life choices.

Personally, I consider both my high school diploma and college degree not worth the paper they're written on. It took years to discover I needed to 'educate' myself about what I deemed necessary to survive in this world and to be successful. Ultimately, we are all responsible for ourselves and that includes our education, our health, our happiness, and our prosperity.

If my freedom of speech offends anyone then hit the 'off' or delete button. I don't care for whiners or complainers nor do I have time for them. Please don't make comments unless you are informed or mature enough to debate the issue. I abhor cowards and people who make excuses.

If your 'public school' education is always being 'put down' as you say, then I suggest there may be something to it. We all have the power to redeem ourselves for the lack of an 'education' within the public school system by NOT allowing our own children to attend such an abysmal institution that perpetuates a vicious cycle of ignorance.

This cycle has been maintained by the pubic schools for several generations and it is not limited to the student body. School personnel are not immune to the effects of years of purposely preventing any intellectual thought or usage of common sense. It is what some notables have now termed 'the dumbing down' of America.

Need a prime example of the 'dumbing down' phenomenon? Listen to the people who were interviewed in Detroit this week when they lined up to get what they thought was free money from Obama's 'stash' of cash! Please understand, there is an enormous difference between being 'educated' and being 'schooled'. Chances are you were properly 'schooled', as I was, but NOT 'educated'.

When we reach the pinnacle of our lives and we are happy and/or successful then it is because we have made good choices and life is ALL about choices...learn to choose well or learn to live with the consequences.

Lecture over...