Thursday, September 23, 2010

The 15 best things about 'pubic' schools.....huh?

This ad was proofed by 4 people? Who were they? Public school graduates? Geeeeeeeeeeesh! Anyway, I can't think of even one good thing about public schools nowadays.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Better Bail Faster, Billy

This is an ad for Len Britton who is running for Untied States Senate here in Vermont against Patrick 'Leaky' Leahy. I had the pleasure of talking with Len at the Vermont State Fair recently for over an hour while we both visited the GOP booth. We talked as parents and as Vermont citizens, not as candidate and constituent. This guy has it together and understands what is at stake with the coming election and the continuation of the Obama administration. He's aware of what OBE is and how it is damaging the education process here in Vermont and across this country. Not many candidates I've spoken with know what OBE is and that is very scary. We agreed we are headed for hyperinflation very soon. His campaign manager didn't impress me as just another spin doctor and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him too. It isn't often I get honest unrehearsed answers from candidates but that is exactly what I got from Len during our conversation. He was not at all pretentious and was very likable in manner and ideas. He has my vote! 

Here's another great ad from Len's campaign:

Howard Dean unleashed on unsuspecting countries who believe his crap!

This unimportant little man was governor of our state here in Vermont for 11 years. Dean did everything he could to hamper the homeschooling movement and, with the blessing of the teacher's union, allowed the Vermont Department of Education to harass homeschooling families. He also managed to destroy much of our self-sufficient way of life and is the person responsible for opening the door (behind closed doors when he refused to let the press record his signing of the civil union bill) for same sex marriage around the world. He's famous for his crazed Dean Scream and for raising a rather unruly public schooled child of his own. Just thought I'd share what he's up to these days. Appears he's branching out to other countries since no one takes him seriously here in the States anymore. Major Dork Award to little Howie Dean!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

NWO Bankers - A Message to Young People & All

This young fellow calls himself AwarePatriot on youtube. He was brought to my attention recently and it was suggested I listen to and watch his videos. He's a 34 year old Texan who seems to have the wisdom of a 100 year old world traveler. In this video he gives some of the best advice for young people I've ever heard. What he talks about here took me 56 years to learn and I'm still trying to piece together information on how our wonderful country became so unrecognizable from its founding. If what he is telling us is true then we need to see this as a wake up call. First we need to get all the children in this country out of the public schools. We need to bring them home and then start preparing for our future as American citizens. A future that looks very uncertain from where AwarePatriot and I are standing.

Reasons to Homeschool Your Children 3/3

Reasons to Homeschool Your Children 2/3

Reasons to Homeschool Your Children 1/3

This fellow is very knowledgeable on many topics including homeschooling, homesteading, frugality and the US Constitution. Take a peek at his youtube videos.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hey moms...just between you and me...MUFAs

This is a tidbit of information I'd like to share with you moms out there in cyberland. For those of us who are struggling with those few extra pounds that seem to follow us around from one New Year's resolution to the next I'm focusing on improving my PH balance and eating more of the MUFAs (pronounced moo-fahs). MUFAs are the good fats that are suppose to assist us with fighting  off chronic diseases. Learn more about the five major MUFAs by clicking here.

Being able to understand how our bodies work and protecting them against disease is becoming more and more important these days since no one is sure where our American health care system is headed. We need to learn to take better care of our own health and teach our children how to do the same. There is far too much misinformation out there concerning weight loss and nutrition. With our busy schedules we don't always have time to eat properly so it's important we learn the basics and help our children do the same.

Just thought I'd share with my readers.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gerald Celente gets fired up over double dip depression and Snooki stupid Americans Part 2

Gerald Celente gets fired up over double dip depression and Snooki stupid Americans

Are homeschoolers paying attention here? Celente explains why Americans have become Snooki stupid. Is America disintegrating before our very eyes? Should we be packing our bug-out bags? Is the game really over? If I know Americans they won't go down without a fight. After listening to this I think worrying about our decision to unschool is the least of our worries.

Do the Bilderberg Group Rule the World?

Do the Bilderberg Group Rule the World?

Ever wonder why up seems down and down seems up in today's irrational world? Introducing the Bilderberg Group. I wonder what their plans are for us uncooperative homeschoolers?

Learn more about the Bilderberg Group here.

New Jersey Governor Christie shines the light on NJEA

The sad part is that what the NJEA does is not limited to New Jersey schools. This goes on all over this country. Every state has a teacher's union that puts the screws to the taxpayers. Governor Christie though seems to be one of the few people who can articulate what is going on behind the scenes at union headquarters. You gotta love this guy for shining a light on these shenanigans.

When I first became aware of what the teacher's union in our state of Vermont was doing I tried to get people to pay attention. It was a losing battle so I simply went home and taught my children. I wasn't going to waste precious time trying to fix a broken system that I knew would take years to repair. This is why parents are foolish to think they can fix the system from within by putting their children in public school and then try to change the monopoly. They'll waste their time, their child's potential and the best years of their child's life.

Kudos to Governor Christie once again. A Triple-Dork Award to the NJEA, the VTEA and the NEA.

New Jersey Governor Christie sets the record straight on teacher's union

Christie tells us that New Jersey teachers get full family medical, dental and vision coverage without paying a dime into the system. As college graduates you'd think these teachers could figure out for themselves this is not sustainable. Appears the teacher's union is allowing the teachers to take the fall by not willing to compromise either. Why would anyone remain in a profession with a union that constantly puts the screws to them? As teachers they don't seem to be the brightest bulbs in the closet.

Kudos to Governor Christie and a major Dork Award to the New Jersey Teacher's Union.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Napoleon Hill on developing a pleasing personality

This segment reminds me of being lectured by my drill instructor during basic training but Hill makes some rather constructive points on how to develop a pleasing personality. It's that 'catching more flies with honey than with vinegar' adage. I still have some trouble adjusting my attitude even after all these years but life has a way of being so annoying, sometimes to the point you don't give a rat's rump what people think about you. Sorry, but it is what it is although I am still working on not being so brutally honest with my opinions. Still love this ol' guy though.

Napoleon Hill explains applied faith and a burning desire

"Applied faith is the mental attitude wherein you may clear your mind of all fears and doubts and direct it to the attainment of whatever you desire in life."   Napoleon Hill

His ideas are so simple but yet powerful.

"You should begin by recognizing that you were born with the privilege of complete control over your own mind."     Napoleon Hill.

My momma always did say I had a mind of my own and fortunately I learned how to use it.

Napoleon Hill's QQMA formula....going the extra mile

This fellow's formula has been around a very long time. Why weren't we ever taught his lessons in school? Oh, I know, because the school didn't want us to succeed but wanted us dependent on the government, that's why.

Napoleon Hill's 'The Law of Success in 16 Lessons' is still relevant today

I love this ol' codger. Thank goodness for the invention of television or we wouldn't have these marvelous clips today. Listen to what he tells us about success and share this with your homeschooled children. His ideas make for some lively discussion. I plan to bring you more clips because I think what he has to say is so important to our lives as Americans. Feel free to do some research about him and his book 'The Law of Success in 16 Lessons' on your own. The 'Think and Grow Rich' book is a watered down version of his initial book.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

State by state homeschool regulations

Alicia at Bright Hub has put together a rather interesting assessment of state by state rules and regulations for homeschooling. She lists what she considers the most liberal states in which to homeschool to the strictest states. You'll never guess (or maybe you will) where Vermont landed on her list. Yup! In the very strict category along with Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York and North Dakota. She doesn't explain how she came to this conclusion but I suspect it may have something to do with Vermont's reputation of being unfriendly to homeschoolers. I, myself, would put Vermont on the list of easiest states to homeschool in if you are willing to stand up for your parental and constitutional rights.

When and how did Vermont get such a reputation? Maybe this had something to do with it.

Uh, boss . . . I think I'm going to unwork today

Uh, boss . . . I think I'm going to unwork today

Just in time for 'un-back-to-school' this sarcastic and rambling article by an obviously disgruntled writer makes you wonder if she's none too pleased with her own education. She belittles unschooling and feigns concern for children who partake in this form of education for not being exposed to the likes of Shakespeare or F. Scott Fitzgerald in twelfth grade. She needn't worry because many life-long unschoolers whiz through Shakespeare and many other famous authors before they even hit their teen years.

I remember well my own 8 year old daughter shopping for books to read. She wouldn't settle for the water downed kiddie book versions of many of the best known classics and instead reached for the full text. I still have her 562 page paperback copy of Little Women she read at that age to remind me of what young minds are capable of if adults would just get out of their way so they can learn freely in an unfettered environment.

Our son on the other hand didn't bother to read until he was ten years old. He kept telling us he couldn't read but one day I saw him with a thick copy of Harry Potter. Within two weeks he finished the novel and was ready for the next one. Learning to play the piano and using the computer helped him learn to read without any help from his parents, although we did try to teach him phonics early on. Like most boys he simply wasn't developmentally ready to retain what he needed for reading skills so it was useless to continue to grill him with phonics. Meanwhile, he kept busy with hands-on activities where he excelled at robotics, jazz piano and agrarian self-sufficiency. He eventually started college at age 16.

Reading Shakespeare or Fitzgerald is no gauge for learning. Many times even a college degree is subject to interpretation. Just look around at all the pompous Ivy League graduates with no common sense. Heck, I've been out of high school for over 38 years, plus I have a college degree and I STILL haven't read 'The Great Gatsby'!