Sunday, December 16, 2007

Homeschooling OR Child Abuse?

Is it possible for homeschooling and child abuse to be one and the same? I don't think so! In the case of Matthew Murray homeschooling had little to do with his actions. As more information surfaces about Matthew's upbringing I suspect we'll discover he lashed out at the world for reasons other than homeschooling.

What child wouldn't react violently to years of imprisonment, distracted overbearing parents and some very seriously flawed, if not downright destructive, childrearing advice from his parent's church friends. A caged animal will eventually go mad if confined to that small cage indefinitely, with bad food and mixed messages of love and what is expected of its behavior.

Unfortunately, when someone like Matthew does finally snap they take out their frustrations on innocent people who had little, if anything, to do with the situation.

Read more about Matthew Murray in this Denver Post article.

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