Sunday, December 16, 2007

Are homeschoolers raising killers?

Public school supporters and anti-homeschooling folks are having a field day with this AP story about homeschooler Matthew Murray. As homeschoolers we all know that Matthew was the exception, not the norm. What child could possibly grow up sane in a situation like his where he was a virtual prisoner to overbearing parents and some seriously flawed childrearing advice.

A mention of particular concern to me in this news article is:

"Chrstnghtmr wrote that at age 17, after an attempt at going “all out for Jesus,” he plunged into a “dark suicidal depression” because he somehow couldn’t live up to the rules. He wrote he felt he was “failing God.” Chrstnghtmr described his parents putting him on two antidepressants after he shared his feelings. "

Not one but TWO antidepressants for this boy! Who prescribed that crap for this child? There are entire websites dedicated to children who have died or destroyed others by being on these mind and personality altering drugs. Sounds all too familiar to me. Parents are too busy with their careers, can't be bothered, or are too embarrassed to deal with a child's needs so they legally drug him into submission. Public schools do the same thing but first they place a fake label on the child, such as ADD or ADHD. This insanity has to stop!

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