Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Karen Maple Case


Education Revolution: scroll down to Re: Jailing of Karen Maple to read more of her story. The audacity of the school officials in her district, the VT DOE and the court still amaze me. Over the years I've seen the same thing happen to other families with various results. Karen was actually lucky compared to how a few other families faired in their fight to maintain their constitutional rights and their freedoms.

The crux of Karen's story is that her son was bored in school so they labeled him learning disabled. When Karen pulled him out to homeschool him the school kept him on their rolls for 3 years. One day the school mistakenly called Karen to ask why her son was absent that day. Karen began to suspect the school still had him enrolled, meaning they were still getting funding for him. When she basically blew the whistle on the school they went after her to get her to bring her son back to school to cover their butts for their alleged felonious activity. That's when Karen refused to give up her son who was making great strides in his homeschool. The public school tried every nasty trick they had in their handbag but eventually Karen prevailed by simply following the law as it was written. The public school, the VT DOE and the court were all in violation of the law.

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