Tuesday, April 29, 2008

38% of Vermont Schools Are Failing...So What's New?

According to this recent article in the Rutland Herald 38% of Vermont's schools are failing...so what's new? Guess who the school officials are blaming? And they wonder why homeschooling is growing in Vermont at such a rapid rate. Duh!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"I guess this means we won't be going to the beach"...DUH!

...and the other one asks: "Does this mean I'm going to miss cheerleading class?"

This is just too much. Even I can't wrap my brain around this thinking.

My only question is: when did cheerleading become a class? Is it any wonder these girls are self-centered air heads?

To blame this on YouTube and MySpace is ridiculous!!! Parenting and years of being institutionalized in a school setting is to blame for causing all this pent up anger and hostility in these teens.

FL Teen Beaten By Schoolmates Will Homeschool

As homeschoolers we hear the question "What about socialization?" all the time. Is this the kind of socialization the questioner is asking about? Warning: graphic and disturbing video.

This is a sad, sad incident which only reinforces the argument against public school socialization. If this young lady fought back her injuries would probably have been worse. Public schools should offer mandatory courses in criminal justice in order to teach these young thugs the consequences of their actions. Parents...once again... keep forcing hundreds of immature, ignorant and self-centered youths with raging hormones into these public school warehouses and you risk the life and sanity of your beautiful children. What happened to this young girl goes on day after day in public schools across the nation. The only difference here is that is was filmed and broadcast online and these young creeps got caught.

Help support our Marines

We need to support ALL of our troops but for this blog I'm going to focus on the Marines because my wonderful nephew was recently deployed to Afghanistan.

This is a great website for those who want to help support our military. It is AnyMarine.com. Anymarine.com is website that helps the public get packages to those serving in the military. This is a valid, legitimate site. You can search for soldiers in a variety of ways, by the country they are serving in, last name, units home location, etc., (click "where to send"). Even if you don't know someone in the military find it in your heart to help these young men and women who are willing to die for your freedom and for your ability to sleep safely in your warm bed at night.