Friday, April 23, 2010

Glenn Beck is discovering for himself what homeschooling is all about

If he's this passionate about homeschooling now I can't wait to hear what Beck will have to say about it when his children are much older, especially if he and his wife continue to homeschool their children through their teen years. Some of the greatest benefits of homeschooling are the lessons you learn FROM your children. It is absolutely amazing what your children can teach you about life, patience, trust and unconditional love, not to mention how much you learn along side of them about science, math, history, language, politics and law. One thing I learned over the years while homeschooling was how little I learned from my own public school experience. I learned being institutionalized in an unforgiving vacuum called public school for 12 years of my life was a total waste of my precious time. Homeschooling rekindled my passion for freedom!

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Kathleen said...

Thanks for posting this! I am an avid Beck fan but didn't realize he was homeschooling his kids! Great to know we have an ally in him!

Mrs. C said...

Yay! It is such a joy to teach a child to read; you can just tell he's a proud daddy.