Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Did mostly stupid people vote for Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama? Read below and you decide.

Did mostly stupid people vote for Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama? See this survey here and then decide for yourself. The interviewer left out one question: "Did you attend public school or did you homeschool?" Guerrilla Homeschooling awards the Dork Award to the majority of those interviewed for this survey. There may be some hope for the young black girl in the glasses that she will one day smarten up. If this were not so sad this would be some seriously funny sh@!*t! Geeeeeeeesh! This country is really screwed!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Archives 9/28/06: Need a good laugh? From the Democratic Underground.com: The Onion That is Home Schooling by Michael Harris

While poking around on the net I found this 9/28/06 ignorant article in the archives of the Democratic Underground. Michael Harris attempts to portray homeschoolers as racists and separatists with The Onion That is Home Schooling. What a hoot! Check out some of the nitwit responses after the article.

I guess I'm a separatist since I kept my children out of public school so they wouldn't be subjected to idiot teachers and the kids in the neighborhood known for destroying private property, their inabilities to read, write or calculate, and for harassing elderly citizens in the middle of the night. That isn't exactly the sort of education or socialization I wanted my children exposed to.

Mr. Harris wins a belated Dork Award for his writings.

History 101: Is Obama a draft dodger? Could be!

Read the latest on Debbie Schlussel' s website where she and a reputable investigator have uncovered what could very well be Obama's falsified selective service document. Are we getting yet another draft dodger in the White House? How can we teach our children to be honest and upstanding citizens in this country when election after election we are duped by liars, thieves and thugs who want nothing more than power and money?

Years of public school indoctrination supporting the seedy world of homosexuality can only result in mayhem...and does!

Pat Boone sounds off in this opinion piece 'Homosexual madness: Attacking Catholics and Mormons' concerning the latest rift in this country between supporters of traditional marriage and gay activists. With the election of draft-dodging Obama it appears this rift is about to reach a fever pitch that includes gays and their supporters attacking little old ladies. Is it any wonder parents are pulling their children out of public schools in droves to homeschool them? Even the Obamas send their daughters to private school. The indoctrination going on in public schools isn't limited to Christian bashing and supporting the sleazy homosexual lifestyle. Public schools are distorting our constitution and rule of law as well.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brad Pitt A Horrible Example For Fatherhood

This is off the beaten path but I think Brad Pitt is one of the most atrocious examples of fatherhood I've ever seen. How many children do he and Angelina have now? 20? 30? 50? Are they married yet???? No? Then aren't their children all bastards? Doesn't Pitt even care. Obviously, Angelina doesn't care. Why should they care? They've got movie careers and lots of looks and money. So much money that Pitt donated $100,000.00 to defeat California's Traditional Marriage Amendment recently. Seems to me if Pitt was so concerned about marriage he'd get married and stop raising little bastards. Times haven't changed enough (and never will) for a child not to eventually realize their mother was a slut and their father was a reprobate that never cared enough about them to marry. Just my opinion.

Home School Resources provides tips for avoiding homeschooling burnout

This is a list of tips for avoiding homeschooling burnout from Home School Resources. Although the list is short it can be very helpful for parents new to homeschooling. There are some very good tips on this list.

More Families Homeschooling In Gainsville, Georgia

You gotta love it! All around the country more and more families are catching on to the benefits of homeschooling. News articles about homeschooling are on the rise also. This positive article about homeschoolers of Gainsville, Georgia is inspiring.

"We chose to home-school for a number of reasons. First, I had a burning desire to keep my children safe
spiritually, physically and emotionally," said Kellie Stewart, a Flowery Branch resident who has been homeschooling her four children for the past nine years."

Hurray for this mom. These are some of the best reasons for homeschooling today with all the incompetent and dangerous public schools in this country. This mom is doing her job of keeping her children safe!

Stewart also says: "When placing our child in the public school arena, we immediately felt displaced. It was as if he was no longer ours. The school officials made decisions for him for most of his daily waking hours, but also for how our family time would be used." (my emphasis)

There is hope for this country after all.

Then, Jim Sargent, Hall County school system director of student services adds his ignorant opinion by claiming parents are simply keeping their older children at home so they can "go out to work to help support the family or to take care of younger siblings to cut down on child care costs." due to a worsening economy. That has to be one of the most nitwit comments on homeschooling I've ever read. Sargent is being awarded the Guerrilla Homeschooling Dork Award.

Northville, Michigan Parents Exercising Their Right To Educate Their Own Children

This is a wonderful article about homeschooling families in Northville, Michigan who are taking charge of their lives and the education of their children. Homeschooling mom, Laurie Kilpatrick, said it best: "The point of home-schooling is not to shelter them, but to make sure you know what they're learning and why." Reading about these homeschooling families is inspiring.

Flexibility...Reason To Homeschool Teens!

This is a good article by Rhani Bigay: Contra Costa Times Teen Correspondent. This teenager explains how she decided to homeschool during her high school years. She writes: 'the most important thing that influenced our decision to be home-schooled is the flexibility.' Nice to see a youth take charge of their own education.

Teacher Bullies McCain Supporting Young Student

Not surprisingly this Obama supporting North Carolina school teacher was caught on tape bullying a young McCain supporting student. Listen to what this woman, Diantha Harris, says to her students in the class room. This woman has no business teaching children but her union will make darn sure she doesn't loose her pension when she retires someday....which should be soon after this incident. In her defense...if the parents keep their child in this school then they are just as much to blame for allowing their child to be verbally abused by public school teachers.