Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here Comes Socialism by Dick Morris

Here Comes Socialism by Dick Morris is an opinion piece with a descriptive account of undertaker Obama's socialist presidency and how things will shake out in this country in the next 8 years. Are you ready to give up homeschooling and allow your children to be indoctrinated in undertaker Obama's public schools?

Here's the challenge: I challenge all homeschoolers to recruit 8 families each to homeschooling. That's 1 homeschooling family per year for each year we have to suffer under undertaker Obama. You can mourn America or take the challenge and free the children. It's your choice!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Homeschool numbers keep on growing!

Read about the increasing numbers of homeschoolers in this short but to the point article. Nice mention of unschoolers which is what many of us become once we've been doing it for a few years. As parents we instinctively know how our children learn and how they learn best. It's all about freedom...freedom to learn, freedom to explore and freedom to be the kind of parents we want to be. As unschoolers our lives centered around our family and not the public or private school. It's a whole other attitude and way of thinking. It's very refreshing to live in the real world as unschoolers and not in the bogus, dangerous and irreverent public school world.