Friday, October 25, 2013

False hopes and distractions...

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Why French children don't have there's something to ponder

The title of this article is Why French Kids Don't Have ADHD by Marilyn Wedge, Ph. D. and it explains much about child rearing in the French culture as opposed to the way American's raise their offspring. The public schools in the USA have whittled away at parental rights while taking over the raising of America's children. However, many of us, via homeschooling, have managed to maintain our God-given and constitutional rights to raise our own children as we see fit. We get to set our own standards which are usually higher than the school's one-size-fits-all method.

Is ADHD a defect related to social and cultural environments? Does it even exist at all? Could it be there is far more money to be made with the diagnosis and treatment for ADHD than there is for raising children outside of the failed institution we know as public schooling?  Ponder that.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month...Pink Ribbons Don't Cure Anyone!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month but, like many diseases of the month, it's also a hot button topic for me. It just riles me to no end the amount of deception surrounding this Pink Ribbon campaign. It is not unlike the hypocrites and shysters who run the education industry and all the other industries in this country. 

Ever notice how many of these pink ribbons are showing up on toxic, cancer causing products? The companies that create those products are cashing in, big time, on a sympathetic public and are duping people into giving up their hard earned income for a cause that makes more money off the illness than they would if they focused on the prevention.

Why Do Companies That "Fight" Breast Cancer With Pink Ribbons Use Known Carcinogens?

No, I do not have breast cancer (yet) and my heart goes out to those that do. We live in a toxic world and there is money to be made from the consumption of these products. The hypocrisy and deceit surrounding the pink ribbon campaign though is mind-boggling. How can people be so easily duped? It's because we also live in a world that has been manufactured for us. A world full of false hopes and distractions created by the fashion industry, sports industry, advertising industry, education industry, military industry, food industry, entertainment industry and political industry.

It's been a slow awakening for me and over the years I've come to realize I, myself, have been exposed to just about every toxin you can think of. The very least I can do is purge my world of products on the cancer-causing list in order to prevent my children and grandchildren from being exposed to them. I can also inform others to make them aware of this fraud and campaign to help get cancer-curing foods onto everyone's grocery list. 

We all need to start locally, within our own homes and environments. We need to help those locally who are already affected by cancer. Want to make a difference? Start by becoming aware of your own surroundings; what you eat, what products you use and what your workplace exposes you to. Help someone you know. Buy locally from trusted food sources, clean out your home of toxic items and make sure any money you donate stays within your community. Donating to a national organization lines the pockets of those at the top. 

From the website Atlanta Unfiltered:

2007 tax records for the American Cancer Society shows CEO incomes before they either retired or left the ACS:

  • $617,051 — Dr. Harmon Eyre, chief medical officer
  • $569,495  — Donald Thomas, deputy CEO
  • $565,397 — Patricia Felts, chief operating officer
  • $552,213 — Ann Pomerinke, CEO Great West Division
  • $522,090 — John Shipkoski, CEO South Atlantic Division
  • $425,151 — William Barram, national vice president, division services
  • $381,588 — O. Clinton Clampitt, national vice president, division services
  • $365,295 — Robert Mitchell, president, American Cancer Society Foundation
  • $333,157 — Jerome Yates, national vice president, research
These are just the 2007 tax records. It's 2013 now, so I'm wondering what those records look like today.



Thursday, October 24, 2013

Happy homeschoolers exploring their world...sticker fun!

A 2nd generation homeschooler sharing her sticker creation

Homeschooling begins the day of birth. Play is very important to a developing child. Sometimes, being silly is the main point of any activity but, more important, not everything needs to be turned into a lesson. Just let them have fun exploring their world.

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