Sunday, December 23, 2007

Send in the Marines

This handsome Marine, standing at attention in the right of this photo, with the American Legion Color Guard is my nephew. This photo was taken on the day of my brother's memorial in June of 2005. My nephew has been in the Marines for 14 years now and I am very, very proud of him. After he was handed the flag he presented it to my mother (his grandmother) on behalf of the United State's government in honor of my brother's military service.

This morning my mother called me to say my nephew was home for the holidays with his young family and would be stopping by to visit at her house. We gathered to talk and share some time with him because we were informed my nephew has received orders to go to the Middle East sometime in February 2008.

I want everyone to know my nephew will leave behind his two young children and his lovely wife in order to fulfill his military duty and that duty allows us to remain safe in our country. I'm tired of whiners in this country who complain about our military and our foreign policies. I'm disgusted with those who daily undermine our military by not supporting them or their commander-in-chief, President George W. Bush. By not supporting our President these whiners undermine our young men and women in uniform who sacrifice their time, energies and sometimes their lives for us back home. You cannot say you support the troops while not supporting their commander-in-chief. He is part of those troops and they all deserve our undying gratitude for allowing us to remain free and safe here at home.

At this time in our history we have a strong leader in the White House whom our troops can be proud of. Our soldiers serve without reservation and with courage. We need to give them whatever it takes to keep us safe from our enemies. We need to give them whatever it takes to keep them safe from our enemies. They need us to be strong, willing and vocal in our support of them. The whiners and nay-sayers need to stop their destruction of our military and our country. The whiners and nay-sayers are like the guest at the feast who complains about the food with his mouth full. However, given time, the ungrateful guest will eventually choke on his own venom.

God's speed, nephew!

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