Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Public school graduates and college students jeopardizing our liberty?

Joe Wolverton, II writes this article for New American revealing how college students are failing miserably at learning civics according to ISI (Intercollegiate Studies Institute). The basic knowledge these young minds lack is standard information we learned in elementary school when I was a child. How is it these college students don't know the basics? Could it be the elementary, middle and high schools in this country are deliberately skipping this information or, worse, teaching too much mind numbing liberal junk?

"ISI, a conservative non-profit educational organization, has recently published the results of this sweeping survey in a 32-page report entitled “The Shaping of the American Mind: The Diverging Influences of the College Degree and Civic Learning on American Beliefs.” Sit down before you read this report because the data will knock you off your feet. " 

Are you sitting down?

"So, while our nation’s most elite colleges are not imbuing our children with a knowledge of our history and our government, the study makes it clear that those universities are becoming round the clock factories churning out poorly instructed liberals with little civic knowledge and even less faith and less devotion to principles of liberty than those Americans who didn’t go to college. "

Take the Civics Quiz yourself here at ISI or watch the ISI video here. Kudos to ISI for all they do!

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S. Thomas said...

I felt the need to respond to this very enlightening survey. I just took the quiz and scored higher than the average college graduate (thank goodness). I was however stumped on some of the historical questions. I teach college classes, but do not teach civics, history, or any other government related course. My courses would not give students these facts by the very nature that my classes focus on other concepts. COuld the fact that college graduates do not have this knowledge have anything to do with the idea that the students themselves simply choose not take these classes or learn the information found therein? Just some food for thought.