Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Homeschooling is only limited by your imagination

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The best toy box your homeschooler will ever have

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Think maybe we're being brainwashed just a little?

If this wasn't so sick and sad, it would be funny.

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Homeschooling isn't about what we do...

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So, you're thinking about wimping out of homeschooling

So, you're thinking about wimping out of homeschooling and sending your child back to the hell hole we call public school. That's okay. It's okay because it takes a special kind of parent to homeschool their child. It takes a parent with guts and fortitude to stand up to the pressures of their peers, their financial situation, or even our modern day culture. A culture that creates dependence, ineptitude and self-centered mall rats.

Homeschooling is best left to the parent who is willing to fight for their constitutional and God-given right to educate their own child as they see fit, without the interference of government or societal pressures. A parent willing to lay down their life for their child in order to shield them from the fits and frenzy of modern day public schooling; an archaic, union controlled system with its decadent agenda and thuggish, whack-job administrators.

Back on our old farm, when a horse went lame it became useless. Well, lame politicians, lame public schools and lame parenting are pretty much the same thing. Useless! Combine all three and you get a mixture so toxic to children, it amazes me how some youngsters ever make it out of their public school experience alive! Why do we keep feeding the public school monster our children and our money? It's not like it's going to get better, and I certainly don't understand the emotional attachment some people have with it.

Take a look around you and see how many young people are barely intact when they leave the public school system. If they appear to have their wits at all, they quickly become indentured servants to the credit card companies, the banks, their college loans, or to the major corporations they work for. Does any of this make sense to you? It sounds insane to me.

So, you're thinking about wimping out of homeschooling, are you? Why? Can't hack the hours and responsibility of raising your own child? Need a break? Being pressured by your child to send them to public school? A child has no clue what public schooling is really all about and cannot comprehend the ramifications if they up and decide they don't want to be there after all. If you think deciding to homeschool opens a whole new can of worms, just imagine the kerfuffled slime fest if you enroll in public schooling and then change your mind. That action will place you squarely at the top of the school's 'difficult parent' list and all authoritative eyes will be on you.

Get it through your vacuous noggin right now, you won't and can't 'fix' the public school to suit the needs of your child. It doesn't work that way. The public schools have an agenda and it doesn't include your desires, your values, or what's best for your child. The public schools do what is best for the public schools and its union-backed employees.

So, you're thinking about wimping out of homeschooling because you're tired, you feel inadequate, you're broke, or you miss your own independence. Well, too bad. You have a child now who is depending on you for everything, including their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Suck it up!

We're all tired, feeling inadequate, broke, and missing our independence, but this is why God designed families around a two parent, one-man-one-woman system. Sure, systems fail. It's hard work putting that system in place before having children, and it's even harder work making sure that system doesn't break down once children arrive on the scene. Far too many people are listening and taking their cues from our culture that's run by reprobates and tyrants. Go and build (or rebuild) your own system that will strengthen your family and your ability to parent, even if that includes getting grandparents involved.

Did you spend the first 22 years of your life being indoctrinated into dependency by your own schooling experience? Great! It probably means you are a knockout at sports, prom and can put a condom on a cucumber blindfolded, but can you raise a child? Well, guess what? Mother nature is on your side. You'll soon learn the meaning of life once the responsibility of raising a child literally and figuratively lands in your lap.

Luckily, for you, children are born learners and nature provided you with instincts. Don't sit there and tell me you can't homeschool your child. How difficult is it to read to a young child, or sing to a young child, or to talk to a young child and tell them about the world? What sort of degree does it take to show a young child how to dress themselves or sit at the dinner table and use utensils? Children are self-learners. Homeschooling is a continuation of all this right on up into the teen years. By then, children can be self-taught if you provide the resources, general direction and cheering section. Homeschooling is a lifestyle that will run a natural course over time, if you don't allow horrible outside influences to interfere. Step up, but don't give up. You can do this!

Homeschooling is a journey, not a destination. You need to stick with it and let it unfold. You need to develop a backbone to fortify you against doubt, feelings of inadequacy and the cretin down the street who keeps getting all lathered up about socialization. You need to listen to your heart and follow your instincts, as only a parent can.

Imagination is the key to successful homeschooling. Imagine the possibilities of living at a slower, more meaningful pace that revolves around a family-centered life, not a school-centered life. A life that provides more time for in depth learning, family bonding and unbridled creativity.  Use your imagination to create learning opportunities or a family business that will support you and your children. Your only limit is the boundary of your imagination.

Homeschoolers sometimes plod along. Sometimes we bounce along or plow through life. The beauty is, we control the speed at which we go. It's the built-in freedom homeschooling provides that keeps us on this path to a better life. If, for no other reason to keep homeschooling, FREEDOM should be at the top of your list. With freedom you have the world working with you, not against you. Hang in there!

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Puke soaked sheets at 3:00 a.m.

After stumbling upon this blog post, 'Couples therapy for homeschoolers', my first thought was it is probably the most messed up thing I've ever read about homeschooling. Initially, I thought what does this have to do with homeschooling?

However, after reading elsewhere on the blog how and why the author cut public schooling out of her life, it appears she is taking a huge step in the right direction to remedy her own education and past. Deciding to homeschool her children was probably THE best thing she ever did to heal from a traumatic childhood and to empower herself. This mom is making the journey and transitioning to a stronger advocate for her own children. Much of what she writes about may make you uncomfortable but she is quite open and honest about sharing her experiences (even the ugly personal ones) and her discoveries.

Penelope Trunk seems to have landed in the same trap many women, since the 1960's, have tumbled into. Many of us were indoctrinated into thinking we needed to be overachievers or career oriented in this world to be successful and happy. Some women overcompensate to hide a past or to prove their worth. Some of us put off childbearing until we feel we can incorporate both a career and children into our lives. Unlike your fancy car or stunning wardrobe though, children are not a status symbol.

Once motherhood becomes a reality, we find ourselves needing to make some tough choices concerning our livelihoods. Being a mom is a full time job in and of itself. The harsh reality, in spite of years of being told 'we can have it all', is that having children means puke soaked sheets at 3:00 a.m. when you've got a team meeting at the office the next morning at 8:00! Unless you're willing to pass off that responsibility to a daycare worker, public school teacher or high school counselor, your life's mission, as a parent, is to provide for every aspect of your child's life. That includes the physical, spiritual, educational and moral well-being of that child you were blessed with.

Having a career or job isn't the same as having an income. One of the greatest challenges will be finding a way to feed, clothe and house your family as a homeschooling or stay-at-home mom. If you've established a career working outside the home and away from your family, you may need to rethink your situation if it interferes with your responsibility of raising healthy, happy and well educated children.

I'm looking forward to reading more of Penelope's blog in the future. We old timers can relate to her struggles and appreciate her growth as a homeschooling parent. Sometimes it takes motherhood to bring life into focus for a clearer vision of what nature intended us to be, not what present day culture tries to mold us into. Sometimes success and happiness can be measured by how quickly we can provide fresh clean sheets and much needed hugs to a sick child at 3 o'clock in the morning.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

False hopes and distractions...

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Why French children don't have there's something to ponder

The title of this article is Why French Kids Don't Have ADHD by Marilyn Wedge, Ph. D. and it explains much about child rearing in the French culture as opposed to the way American's raise their offspring. The public schools in the USA have whittled away at parental rights while taking over the raising of America's children. However, many of us, via homeschooling, have managed to maintain our God-given and constitutional rights to raise our own children as we see fit. We get to set our own standards which are usually higher than the school's one-size-fits-all method.

Is ADHD a defect related to social and cultural environments? Does it even exist at all? Could it be there is far more money to be made with the diagnosis and treatment for ADHD than there is for raising children outside of the failed institution we know as public schooling?  Ponder that.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month...Pink Ribbons Don't Cure Anyone!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month but, like many diseases of the month, it's also a hot button topic for me. It just riles me to no end the amount of deception surrounding this Pink Ribbon campaign. It is not unlike the hypocrites and shysters who run the education industry and all the other industries in this country. 

Ever notice how many of these pink ribbons are showing up on toxic, cancer causing products? The companies that create those products are cashing in, big time, on a sympathetic public and are duping people into giving up their hard earned income for a cause that makes more money off the illness than they would if they focused on the prevention.

Why Do Companies That "Fight" Breast Cancer With Pink Ribbons Use Known Carcinogens?

No, I do not have breast cancer (yet) and my heart goes out to those that do. We live in a toxic world and there is money to be made from the consumption of these products. The hypocrisy and deceit surrounding the pink ribbon campaign though is mind-boggling. How can people be so easily duped? It's because we also live in a world that has been manufactured for us. A world full of false hopes and distractions created by the fashion industry, sports industry, advertising industry, education industry, military industry, food industry, entertainment industry and political industry.

It's been a slow awakening for me and over the years I've come to realize I, myself, have been exposed to just about every toxin you can think of. The very least I can do is purge my world of products on the cancer-causing list in order to prevent my children and grandchildren from being exposed to them. I can also inform others to make them aware of this fraud and campaign to help get cancer-curing foods onto everyone's grocery list. 

We all need to start locally, within our own homes and environments. We need to help those locally who are already affected by cancer. Want to make a difference? Start by becoming aware of your own surroundings; what you eat, what products you use and what your workplace exposes you to. Help someone you know. Buy locally from trusted food sources, clean out your home of toxic items and make sure any money you donate stays within your community. Donating to a national organization lines the pockets of those at the top. 

From the website Atlanta Unfiltered:

2007 tax records for the American Cancer Society shows CEO incomes before they either retired or left the ACS:

  • $617,051 — Dr. Harmon Eyre, chief medical officer
  • $569,495  — Donald Thomas, deputy CEO
  • $565,397 — Patricia Felts, chief operating officer
  • $552,213 — Ann Pomerinke, CEO Great West Division
  • $522,090 — John Shipkoski, CEO South Atlantic Division
  • $425,151 — William Barram, national vice president, division services
  • $381,588 — O. Clinton Clampitt, national vice president, division services
  • $365,295 — Robert Mitchell, president, American Cancer Society Foundation
  • $333,157 — Jerome Yates, national vice president, research
These are just the 2007 tax records. It's 2013 now, so I'm wondering what those records look like today.



Thursday, October 24, 2013

Happy homeschoolers exploring their world...sticker fun!

A 2nd generation homeschooler sharing her sticker creation

Homeschooling begins the day of birth. Play is very important to a developing child. Sometimes, being silly is the main point of any activity but, more important, not everything needs to be turned into a lesson. Just let them have fun exploring their world.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Meet another homeschool mom and see how she does it

Homeschool Mom - News and Weather For The Quad Cities -

There are lots and lots more homeschoolers today. When we began our homeschooling journey over 28 years ago, homeschoolers were few and far between. Many were homeschooling 'under the radar' but some of us were willing to plow the way for future generations by being vocal and highly visible.

Interviews, such as this, are great to see how other homeschooling moms approach education and child rearing. They can be inspirational and informative, as well as encouraging. Not all mom's will have a college degree in teaching but don't let that stop you from providing your child with the best learning environment you can muster. In fact, I've discovered over the years some of the best homeschooling parents are drop-outs. They don't bring to their homeschool all the educational theory and baggage some parents with degrees have.

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Advice for moms having trouble homeschooling with babies and toddlers around

Advice for moms having trouble homeschooling with babies and toddlers around

This is why unschooling is so effective. When you unschool you live your life and don't sweat the non-structured stuff. Children will learn in spite of your failed efforts to recreate the school in your home. In fact, you'll be better off if you don't try to school your children. Two of my greatest teachers were my two children. I learned more valuable lessons from them over the years, once I learned to relax and trust them, than I ever could have if I'd gone to college for a lifetime.

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'We have the power to take your kids away' - The Local

'We have the power to take your kids away' - The Local

Homeschooling in Germany is making small steps but, nonetheless, steps. There is no going back once a homeschooler experiences the freedom that comes with self-education. The problem with Germany is it not only requires compulsory attendance, it requires compulsory education, meaning the government wants to control what you think. How anyone in authority can believe they can control what a person thinks is beyond me, but they sure do try.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

PA Homeschool Dad Pays Property Taxes in Dollar Bills

This homeschooling dad is terrific. Watch him pay $7,143.00 of his $10,000.00 property taxes in dollar bills and some change. He homeschools his three children and doesn't utilize the public school. His argument is we are being coerced into paying for something we don't need or want (very true) and we shouldn't live in fear of losing our homes if we don't cough up the dough that pays the union thugs (my words) who run the public schools.

We all know school boards are as useless as tits on a bull because their main function is to extort as much cash as they can from taxpayers, in order to appease the union thugs who control this monopoly. The video is approximately 14 minutes long but well worth watching.

Kudos homeschool dad for standing up for your rights and for giving us this visual to pass along to other patriots.

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Radio Free School : You know you want to. Unschooling.

Radio Free School : You know you want to. Unschooling.: You've heard about it. It sounds amazing: learning in freedom. Learning what YOU want to learn. learning because you LOVE it. Unschooli...

I know that you know that I know you want to homeschool. What's stopping you?

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

One of the best videos ever produced

This has to be one of the best videos ever produced explaining what has happened to the American public school population. Ever wonder why your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews who attend public school act like unsociable zombies? Here is your answer!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tyranny is like a blacksmith's hammer

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Same sex marriage?

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Let's not overlook the big picture

As always, when I read an article about unschooling, it's more interesting to read the raw comments that follow. Take for instance Libby Anne's little ditty about her unschooling concerns. Her evangelical turned atheist view of the world intrigues me. Apparently she was homeschooled in a strict Evangelical Christian home and has now forsaken that upbringing to become a feminist/atheist/progressive homeschooling mom.

What's important here is not Libby's opinion or the comments. What's important is the bigger picture of how parents are approaching homeschooling, unschooling and education in general. For decades and generation after generation, many parents have instructed their children in the only fashion they know how. They were schooled so they think they need to school their children by providing huge amounts of structure, including text books, schedules, assessments, team sports, educationese and gobs of busywork.

The bigger picture is how long will it take for parents and our culture to stop mimicking the public schools and start building a society of truly educated people. The past 20 to 30 years of homeschooling cannot compete with a public school system that has been in place since 1635 and is still going strong. Granted, the public schools of today are money sucking, debased hell holes and parents are taking their children out of them in droves, but they still reign supreme in the minds of politicians and those who have a stake in them.

It will take time for homeschooling to find its stride. Sure, we'd all like to close down the public schools, send everyone home and give everyone their money back, then reopen them as free and independent learning centers minus political and union influence. Meanwhile, in my humble opinion, any form of homeschooling or unschooling is valid, providing we are doing the best we can with what little education we received at the hands of government schools.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

State run re-education gulags?

According to this article by Kurt Nimmo at, the Department of Homeland Security has labeled homeschoolers as terrorists. While DHS refers to us as terrorists Infowars appropriately refers to public schools as "youth internment centers" and "state run re-education gulags". Are parents willingly accepting less and less freedom for more and more so-called security?

"Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one."   
Benjamin Franklin

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Saturday, March 2, 2013

We're a country full of disposable people

Why is it foreigners always have a better understanding of America than Americans do? I find the same for our constitution, foreigners always know it better than we do.

See why public schooling is key to the destruction of America at 0:43 seconds into this video.


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Military school districts will feel impact of budget ax

Budget cuts to hit military school districts

Maybe it's time military members and their dependents formed homeschooling co-ops and say to hell with the federal government.

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When education is all retch and no vomit

"What would you like to do if money were no object?"

Something to ponder.

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Another mom sees the light

'Homeschooling Misconceptions' by Paula Drennan, a lovely article from a mom who has discovered what homeschooling is really about. She took charge of her child's education two years ago and talks about how her own preconceived notions about homeschooling have changed. 

Thanks for sharing, Paula, and kudos to you!

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Unschooler hacks his way through education

Meet Dale Stephens, the unschooler who is hacking his way through education and loving it. He began unschooling at the end of fifth grade, has traveled the world and written a book (Hacking Your Education: Ditch the Lectures, Save Tens of Thousands, and Learn More Than Your Peers Ever Will), and he's only 21.

"My mom and dad have always been my biggest supporters. I think they both had parents who said no to them a lot. It surprises me how many parents just don't believe in their children."

Kudos to Dale. This is a great example of what can happen when schooling gets out of the way of education!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to get your homeschooler to love history

Our children always acquired knowledge best if they were actually doing hands-on learning, rather than reading about it or watching it on television. The more children do, the more they learn and the more it sticks with them. Much of what we did opened up conversations about the past that satisfied their inquiring minds. The best part was learning history and truths, alongside our children, that we never learned in school.

Do you have a homeschooler who balks at learning history? We tossed out the text books and went full bore into the past. Tell yourself, and your child, that today is a day you make your own history. Everything you do and say today will become your history. The following are some ways we managed to instill a passion for history in our children.

We always made sure we visited historical sites wherever we went, even if simply a local place of significance or a cemetery to find ancestors. (Never do gravestone rubbings because the stones are old and can topple over onto a child!) Trips can be short or long but needn't be expensive, if well planned.

If you've saved for years to take a family vacation, choose to drive instead of flying. You'll see and absorb far more than doing a flyover. Plan for one or two stops along the way where you can explore in depth instead of several locations just for the sake of stopping. For instance, we would drive the East coast from Vermont to Florida and would always plan for extended visits in Washington, D.C. and Williamsburg, Virginia. By staying over an extra day or two you could take your time and the children could rest between outings.

Talk with old folks
If your budget limits you to more local travel, there are lots of fun and educational opportunities closer to home. Your children can talk to older folks about the past. Many of these seasoned citizens have old photos or items to share. Now that's a real show and tell. Learn to record these conversations and you're officially an historian.

Visit antique shops
You and your children can enjoy a scavenger hunt through antique shops. These stores are a goldmine of historical artifacts. Our children grew up around the antique business and it was amazing how much history they absorbed, not to mention an appreciation and knowledge for a livelihood they can always fall back on in tough economic times.

Replace modern gadgets with vintage ones
If you want to have some real educational fun you can replace modern gadgets and items in your home with vintage ones. Can you imagine your child learning to communicate with a rotary phone? You probably aren't inclined to construct an outhouse in the back yard but why not do some laundry with home-made soap and a wash board and use a clothesline? When life is a little more of a struggle, children develop an appreciation for the modern conveniences and how hard their ancestors worked just to simply survive.

Wear vintage clothing
Does your homeschooler like to dress up? Find some vintage clothing and accessories for them to wear on a daily basis. Have a teen homeschooler? An heirloom necklace or pocket watch can inspire research into historical life. Attend estate sales or auctions where you can view items people used to wear. Vintage is actually back in style so, chances are, your teens won't complain about what their friends will think.

Collect old stuff
Encourage your homeschooler to start a collection of vintage or antique items. You can find inexpensive things at tag sales, flea markets, shops and free piles, or ask an old neighbor if they have anything they want to part with for free. When our daughter was young her great-grandmother gave her 3 small vintage Polish dolls. That began a life time of collecting more and learning about the history of great-grandmother, dolls and Poland. For many years we enjoyed traveling to flea markets in search of these little dolls. 

Another of our missions was finding Victorian style miniatures for our daughter's doll house. That alone led to many discussions about the Victorian era and lifestyles. As always, one era would lead to another in either direction. At one time our discussions about women, and their role in society, led us to the Jane Austin books. Our daughter devoured them in no time flat.

Our son didn't have the same interests as his older sister. He was content to just tag along on most excursions and, as an unschooler, seemed to learn by osmosis. In fact, he didn't become a reader until he was ten years old. However, when he was older we were amazed at how much history he knew. He's a great asset to my estate cleanout business because he can recognize old gadgets and tools and knows how they were used.  Our son is also savvy about American political and cultural history as well, even though he's still far more interested in modern electronics and futuristic gadgets. 

There are big advantages to all this exposure to the past and knowing how to live in a slower paced world of man-powered tools and self-made entertainment. Those who are familiar with them will be better able to survive, should their own economies and interests funnel them into a lifestyle sustained by ingenuity and personal skills. Also, knowing what has motivated mankind through the ages prevents us from falling into the same traps. One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the knowledge of where they have descended from so they may be better able to plot a course for where they are headed in the future. 

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Creating a M.O.M. bug-out-bag for emergency homeschooling

M.O.M. you ask? Yeah, I call it my 'Moms On the Move' bag. It's a portable homeschooling kit for when you travel, need a ready supply of fresh homeschool materials to keep a youngster occupied, or want something to fall back on in a serious situation that disrupts your day-to-day homeschool life.

When our children were younger we did lots of traveling in the car. We drove back and forth between Vermont and Florida many times to visit grandparents and other close relatives. We also spent lots of time driving to lessons, the library, flea markets and other activities closer to home. Two of the best things we ever purchased for our children were soft material, briefcase style carryalls with a zippered side that would act as a drop-front desk in their laps.

These M.O.M. bags hung over the backs of the front seat headrest in the car and were filled with reading and writing materials, workbooks, pens, pencils, and small electronic handheld gadgets. We never heard the words 'I'm bored!' from the backseat, no matter how many miles we traveled.

If you are paying attention to the economy and recent news, then you're well aware that our country is in a world of hurt. Even other countries are feeling the stress of collapse as well. The only thing keeping America afloat is our ability to print our way out of the money crunch, but even that is quickly reaching the point where our dollar will be worthless.

Meanwhile, natural disasters, such as earthquakes, fires, hurricanes and tornadoes, have displaced thousands of families in the United States. When, not if, we reach that tipping point of no return and TEOTWAWKI arrives, be ready to continue your child's education with your well equipped M.O.M. bag. It needn't be fancy. Even a pillow case will do. Personally, a fancy-schmancy backpack with a gazillion  compartments and comfy shoulder straps is more to my liking, but if money (or lack of) is a restraint then an inexpensive one will do.

Depending on the age of your child, fill your M.O.M. bag with lots of writing tablets, pens, pencils and sharpener, markers, crayons, workbooks of all subjects, flashlight or hands-free headlamp, a hand-crank or solar radio (don't forget the earphones), and reading books. Some good topics for reading would be survival stories like Swiss Family Robinson or My Side of The Mountain. How-to books on gardening, hunting or fishing should also be considered. For older children the Foxfire series is a great read. Add some non-perishable protein snacks to your M.O.M. bag and a water bottle with its own filtering system just in case you find yourselves stranded.

If you do find yourself and your family on the go after an upheaval of any kind or magnitude, your M.O.M. bag will not only serve as an emergency backup for your child's education, but it will provide comfort and security for your child at a time when it is needed most.

"Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best" is not just a slogan. When you think about these words you'll begin to understand what it means to be truly responsible for you and your homeschooling family. You'll realize the only one who will look after you and your family in a crisis is you, not the government. Your M.O.M. bag is a reminder to your child that the only one who truly has their back is mom! This is not a slight to the dads who homeschool because dad's job is to make sure mom has what she needs to do her job. He can even create his own D.A.D. (Dad's Academic Dufflebag) bag to supplement mom's. Like any great team you must pull together. To do otherwise could very well jeopardize your survival and that of your family.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Top 50 Homeschool Website & Blog Picks for 2013

Over the years, homeschooling websites and blogs have come and gone. Lives get busy, or family dynamics change, or sometimes the creators just get tired of keeping up with the information age. Others have dutifully and energetically continued to keep us abreast of their homeschooling adventures, giving us a wonderful snapshot of their journey and even encouraging others to find their life's rhythm. Some websites and blogs are informative while some are purely entertaining. Some have overcome struggles but have kept steadfast in their commitment to homeschool against all odds. Some are simply down right fun to read and look at.

The following homeschooling/unschooling websites and blogs have been chosen for well deserved kudos and our gratitude for advancing the idea that there is a better, simpler and gentler way to educate children. Guerrilla Homeschooling is proud to share with you the top picks for 2013. 

 Top 50 Homeschool/Unschool Website & Blog Picks For The New Year 2013:

  1. Parent At The Helm
  2. John Holt Growing Without Schooling
  3. Pat
  4. Homeschooler Hub
  5. Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers
  6. Home Education Magazine
  7. Almost Unschoolers
  8. Classroom Free
  9. The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman
  10. Confessions of a Homeschooler
  11. Throwing Marshmallows
  12. Living The Unschooling Life
  13. Rickshaw Unschooling
  14. The Relaxed Homeschooler
  15. School In Your Home .Com
  16. Do Life Right
  17. Mr. Dad’s Class
  18. NHERI National Home Education Research Institute
  19. The Link
  20. theMangoTimes
  21. Atypical Homeschool
  22. Homeschool Buzz
  23. A Family Runs Through It
  24. Graceful Abandon
  25. Learning Through Living
  26. Hip Homeschool Moms
  27. A to Z Home’s Cool
  30. Homeschooling on a Shoestring
  31. The Homeschool Classroom
  32. Homeschool World
  33. Lady Bug Farm
  34. Eclectic Parent
  35. Unschooling Blog Carnival
  36. I’m Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write
  37. Radical Unschoolers Network
  38. Home School Dad
  39. The Lundy 5
  40. An Untraditional Home
  41. Sprittibee
  42. Why Homeschool
  43. Simple Homeschool
  44. The Homeschool Village
  45. Large Family Mothering
  46. Dayna Martin
  47. Our Mothership Adventures
  48. Dewey’s Treehouse
  49. Radio Free School
  50. No Fighting, No Biting

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Can homeschooling save America?

News of the world gets more and more frustrating every day. There are mass shootings by psychopaths ingesting legal drugs; food riots by starving people in foreign countries; drone strikes on innocents ordered by peace prize recipients; collapsed economies brought on by greedy bankers; and a neutered congress lacking the fortitude to protect our constitution here in our very own country. It seems everything is topsy turvy and getting worse, not just by the day, but by the hour.

Governments are out of control world wide. Our own American government is spending money like a drunken lottery winner, raising taxes on everyone including the poor, and chipping away at our God-given and constitutional rights. Union controlled public schools are a nightmare and downright dangerous, yet parents are forced to send their children into them under the threat of fine or jail.

Can homeschooling save America? I think it can. 

Homeschooling is all about freedom. Homeschoolers are free to learn whatever they want, whenever they want and wherever they want. With that said, homeschoolers could change the course of American history if they did just one thing and did it with overwhelming intensity and passion. That one thing? They can change the fate of this country by studying the United States Constitution in depth and with the fervor of a true patriot.

The side benefit to studying the U.S. Constitution, its creation and its purpose, will be a good dose of world history, a much needed scholarly pursuit these days. The learner will uncover information as to how the world has reached this point of utter chaos.

This very day homeschoolers need to drop everything they're doing and create an environment totally submerged in lessons concerning freedom. An environment in which to learn about the creation of a document that explains our unalienable rights given to each of us, not by those who govern over us, but by God, Himself. The hour is now to stand up for those rights, throw off any and all fears, and prepare to pass along the truth and true meaning of freedom to the children of this country.

Times are indeed grave. America can no longer wait for our present day leaders to undo the damage already done to our individual God-given freedoms and rights.  Too many unborn citizens have already been slaughtered and denied their right to life. Too many world citizens have been murdered or disappeared and their voices silenced by tyrannical government leaders. Too many souls have been lost to a new world order, in the making, that preys on those with the faith to believe in a God that made them free.

Each day of homeschooling comes with it a greater understanding of what true freedom is and less fear of governmental restraint. The tyrants know this and continue to challenge our resolve to do what is right for our children, our families and our country. We will not be deterred and we will not let them win. Our mission is far too important and that mission is to preserve what began in the year 1776.

Without our freedom we are not free to homeschool. Homeschooling is the new revolution. Homeschoolers are the new patriots. Like it or not, we have a duty to preserve and protect our republic, at all costs, as those who have lived before us have done. 

America is the last shining light of freedom in this world. To let her guiding flame be snuffed by unscrupulous world tyrants, hell-bent on her destruction, would be the end of freedom for all. It would cease the ability to let the word God roll from the tongues of citizens everywhere and that, my friends, is why it is time to take a stand for yourself, your children and your country. Stand up for your rights and I mean ALL rights!

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