Friday, March 30, 2012

We're being hornswoggled into collapse by our own ignorance

Anyone, besides me, ready to go back to the horse and buggy days? I mean literally? I grew up on a rural Vermont farm with 9 brothers and sisters. We were 2 miles from the village and 13 miles from the nearest city. We were self-sufficient, rarely saw doctors, made or grew most everything we needed and we were happy. My siblings and I learned how to milk cows, ride and drive horses, grow gardens, raise livestock, fish, hunt, fix things, forage and we learned how to get along. As children nature was our toy box. We resembled the Waltons in many ways. We walked the 2 miles to a two-room schoolhouse for grades 1-6, along with about 12 neighbor children, or to ride the school bus for high school six miles away.

If the present economic situation in this country keeps deteriorating and we're eventually forced to shut down transit, the box stores, the albatross public schools and other entities, we'll need to become LOCAL once again, the way it was 100 years ago. By local I mean we’ll get most of our supplies and fulfill our needs closer to home. We’ll be more dependent on local businesses, friends, family and neighbors. I can deal with that. For me, I can return to my roots and I know I'll be fine. But, what about you?

We need to weed out the welfare system, the public school system, the banking system, the political system and focus our military on protecting our nation, not policing the world. Taxes are eating everyone alive and for what? Parents live in fear of government with every decision they make concerning their child's welfare and upbringing. This is a major reason why I hammer down on public schooling so hard because that is one of the main places where all this nonsense is bred. People are so hornswoggled by the schools we have an uneducated citizenry that can't function properly anymore.

If we're 'forced' to dial back our present day existence people will have to rethink this calamity we're in. Some (maybe many) people will get hurt but with any disaster it has a way of bringing out the best in us. I want to see this world return to a more meaningful way of life on a more humane level. Sure, I use the internet, electric grid, my vehicle for business and joy riding, but if all that stopped I’d adapt. I’d overcome and I’d improvise too, just like the Marines.

The politicians in this country are out of control. The state and federal governments are out of control. Taxes and inflation are out of control. Police departments and social workers are out of control. Public schools are out of control. Debt is out of control. Bankers have long been out of control and the mainstream media is too controlled. A total collapse, if it’s going to happen, can’t arrive soon enough for me. Let’s get this pain over with. Let’s get on with recovering and living in a less complicated and corrupt world. 

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


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If integrity was a thunder mug public school teachers wouldn't have a pot to pee in

Watch out folks, I'm coming out swinging.

Those who teach in the pubic schools for a paycheck have far less integrity than a parent who teaches their young out of love. There, I said it.

Think about it. Would all those union backed teachers be in the classroom if teaching was a calling? A calling implies divine influence. In my experience the majority of public school teachers are where they are because 1) it's the only life they know, having been in a classroom all their life; 2) they have become so embedded in this decidedly rank system so long it's their only means of putting food on their table or paying their mortgage; and 3) without much effort or caring their union provides them with job comfort and job security.

Homeschooling parents, on the other hand, share a special bond with each of their 'students' and make their decisions based on love, not on some far-fetched notion of what their boss has mandated. Parents grow with their children. They are with them at every age and every learning stage of that growth. Public school teachers are locked into particular age groups and subject matter. Where is the growth or enlightenment in that?

Don't be telling me pubic school teachers care about the children entrusted to them. There is no way you can care deeply enough about the past, present or future of a child unless your are part of that child's continuous world into adulthood. Would you still care if your paycheck stopped arriving to your bank account? Certainly not. You'd be out the door seeking money for your next credit card or student loan payment, or you'd be crying to your union leaders to keep the taxpayer's money flowing to your wallet.

The public school's phony-baloney excuses and blather about vested interests, socialization, accreditation and teaching credentials no longer work. Parents are the ones with the true stake in their children, families and community, far more than schools could ever be. The splendor is children instinctively know this and they can see the public school will never have their best interest at heart.

So, to all you disingenuous public school teachers out there please stop telling me you have a calling. It is not!. Stop referring to the children as 'our' children. They are not! You are not some sort of divine intervention brought about by the loving hand of a deity. You are simply an employee backed by a ruthless union that has squandered the innocence and intellect of countless children over the years. It is time for this unmitigated and unchallenged thuggery to stop. It is time to mothball public schooling.

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Apparently Pennsylvania police recruit from the bottom of the dregs...their social workers are the scum that float on top

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has posted a heart breaking story about a mom and her newborn baby girl in the state of Pennsylvania. This story needs your attention. It is not a homeschooling case but it speaks volumes about the threat to parental rights, not only in the state of Pennsylvania but all across America. Far too many unsuspecting parents are getting caught in the traps set by state and federal officials. The state's favorite tactic is kicking you when you're down!

Newborn Seized in Hospital by Police, Social Worker by Michael P. Farris, Esq. HSLDA Chairman.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

How and why bankers create wars and depressions

This is an excellent video to watch with your homeschooling child. Learn what you were never taught in public school about the history of money. Find out how and why bankers create wars and depressions. After watching this you'll realize there were some major holes in your education concerning presidential assassinations and debt. Learn the symbolism behind L Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz and it's relationship to our national debt. Which do you want: freedom or serfdom? Watch and be enlightened.

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The newest addition to our little homestead

I love spring! It brings forth a rebirth and new life. Our Rhode Island Red chicks arrived today and are fun to watch.

Posing for the camera

So fluffy and cute but built for pest control

So much fun to watch them pecking and scratching

All tucked in for the first night in their new home
Looking forward to some fresh free range eggs and less bugs! Chicks are great for teaching a child how to care for livestock and learning where certain foods come from. Children seem to bond with baby animals. That is good because they'll be more apt to take better care of their critters. Not only are chickens beneficial to your garden, they feed you with nutritious eggs. They are a terrific investment.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Wow! College @ Home's great homeschool graphic & info

Created by: College At Home

Get this great graphic here and embed it on your blog or website. The next time you get into a debate with your crazy aunt about homeschooling vs. public schooling this information will help you win the day.

Kudos to College@Home for a great presentation!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Charlotte Iserbyt reveals the truth about public schooling: We lost our country and your vote no longer matters

This is a chilling video but Iserbyt is open and honest about the history of American education. Iserbyt explains why and how we lost our country. Ever wonder why people say their vote doesn't count? There is no difference between the two main political parties. Public schools are NOT about education. Parents are realizing this and turning to homeschooling in increasing numbers, but is it too late? How much longer will we be allowed to homeschool before it comes to a screeching halt? Can Americans stomach another revolution? Can we take back our country and our constitution? Do you want your children to be the fodder that keeps feeding the public school monster?

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

To Ann Friedman and all you other feminist man-haters

I'm sorry, but after 40 years of in-your-face feminist man-haters I have to finally say what I think about this contraceptive brouhaha that's churning in the press and on the internet. Ann Friedman's International Slutty Women's Day: A Story in GIF's was the final straw for me. Whether you agree or disagree, this was my response on Facebook: (warning: this is in-your-face if you are a feminist man-hater)

"The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." Sorry, I don't want me, or my daughters, or my granddaughters to be like Hollywood's version of a woman. No self-respecting woman would act like this and it's time Hollywood and liberals stop cheapening womanhood. Take it back to the bedroom and out of my face, ladies! I refuse to be a feminist man-hater. It's simple...MAKE BETTER CHOICES and stop trying to be like the liberal stereotype corporate America and Hollywood portray. Develop some SELF-respect and stop acting like the cheap trash the liberals have brainwashed you into being. Stop letting it 'all hang out' and debasing your womanhood. Women, stop sending YOURSELVES back to the stone ages. Paying taxes and insurance premiums doesn't mean you need to cheapen your existence as a woman. If you want to whore around, fine, but there is a reason why we keep hearing 'why buy the cow when the milk is free' and it has little to do with bovines. If you want contraceptives enough to lower yourself to the level of livestock, fine, but when you're treated like a slab of beef by all your sex partners don't complain about it and don't expect me to pay for your hanky-pankying around. I am sick of man-hating feminists who have been in my face since the late 1960's and who keep harping on their own mistakes. Get a grip, ladies and take a look in the mirror. Preferably, when you're not wearing some floozy outfit that doesn't cover your boobs, belly button and butt!

There, I said it. Now, I feel better.

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