Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Karen Maple Case


Publisher Heartland Institute makes quick mention of Karen Maple in a long article about homeschooling on July 1, 2000.

"Homeschooling parent Karen Maple of Bakersfield, Vermont, has experienced such government "organization" first-hand. Maples was jailed for two weeks when her home-educated son was declared a habitual truant and she refused to turn him over to state custody. The state's supreme court ruled on May 26 that her son was not a truant but was properly enrolled in a home study program that did not require approval by the state. The state had insisted the program had to be state-approved."

Karen spent 14 grueling days in jail thanks to an overzealous and misguided judge. God bless her, she stood her ground. When the court was picketed and the national news media swooped in the judge decided to let her go but, by then, Karen decided she'd rather stay in jail than give up her son to these goons. Now the judge had a dilemma on his hands. First he throws Karen in jail, then she refuses to leave when he wants to throw her back out!

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