Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Should parents need teaching credentials to homeschool their kids? Vote here!

Vote here!

95% say NO! (57,101 voters as of 6/10/08)
5% say YES! (3,062 voters as of 6/10/08)

Interesting little article about California's plan to rehear the homeschooling case here at parade.com.

Have we already forgotten the US Supreme Court trilogy on education?
Meyer v. Nebraska (1923)? Pierce v. Society of Sisters (1925)? Farrington v. Tokshige (1927) ?

Then there is Wisconsin v. Yoder (1972).

The NEA (National Education Association), which has NOTHING to do with education but EVERYTHING to do with a controlled monopoly, can't seem to get it through their collective thick skulls that parents have natural, God-given and constitutional rights to raise their children as they see fit, including educating them.