Monday, October 13, 2008

Dungeon Children

I remember the 'pit' at a local junior high school when I did my student teaching. It was a small windowless room where children were sent in some sort of pathetic attempt to get them to conform to the school's outrageous and unjust policies and rules. Needless to say my student teaching experience did not lead to a career as a public school teacher. In fact, I homeschooled both my children from birth.

I thought the 'pit' was harsh and a deliberate attempt at harming children but this form of public school punishment is over the top. How would the teachers and administrators at Ridgewood School in Doncaster, England like to spend a few days in this room?

The dad says his son won't return to this school if he has to spend a day in this 'dungeon'. Let's see if he holds his ground or gives in to the school administrators. The crime? His son let the air out of another boy's bicycle tires. Huh?

Dragging First Graders to Their Teacher's Lesbian Wedding Is Deemed A Teachable Moment???

A San Fransisco first grade class was taken on a field trip to their teacher's lesbian wedding and the charter school's directer deems it a 'teachable moment'. Huh? Did the parents give the school permission to let their 6 year olds attend a same-sex wedding? Wow, these must be very open minded and progressive parents. What's next on their agenda for field trips and teachable moments? A trip to the morgue to watch an autopsy?

What Society Is Teaching Children Today

How can the children of today learn right from wrong when most of the grown-ups in our society are liars, cheats, screwballs, dead-beats, promiscuous, thieves, hate-mongers and socialists? And that's just the politicians, public school teachers and the liberal Hollywood crowd. Is this the message we're sending America's children? Do you really want to know what children are learning today? Then just view some of these items below:

Socialism...let's spread the wealth around!

Free to react and squash it!

How to steal elections...stuff the ballot box!

Wave the white flag...turn tail and run you infidel cowards!

You've got to pick a pocket or two...then blame the other party!

Home grown to get a PhD in murder!

Brainwashing...out of the mouths of babes!

Unborn children are baggage...or at the very least an inconvenience to the mother who CHOOSES to kill it and is encouraged to do so by politicians and feminists!

How can we expect children to become valued and valuable citizens when many of the role models in today's society are selfish, left-leaning thugs?!

Angry Educated Liberals & Obamaniacs!

"The number of middle fingers in a 'progressive' crowd is directly proportional to the number of PhD degrees in the ten-block radius."

This video was taken on Sunday, September 21, 2008 at Upper West Side in Manhattan, New York. These angry and hateful people consider themselves 'educated' members of society. Where did they get their education?

This is more scary to me than watching two planes fly into the World Trade Center.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rule #8: Don't Taser Your Wife's Kid!

This is unbelievable. Is this guy still a state trooper? Who in their right mind tasers a 10 year boy even upon the kid's request? What a creep. But, get this, the big story is that Sarah Palin is being blamed for trying to fire this nut case when, in fact, Palin's husband stood up for his nephew and sister-in-law the way any real man would have.

This annoys me because I've been re-reading some of my posts about how some homeschool moms have fought so hard against corrupt officials to protect their children and this creep tasers a 10 year old step-child. Then the press wants to crucify his sister-in-law who is running for high office because she thinks he's unfit to serve as a state trooper. Did this idiot trooper graduate from public school? That would explain alot!!!