Saturday, July 31, 2010

Heritage asks 'What is President Obama's Education Agenda?'

In this short and to the point article The Heritage Foundation asks the question: What is President Obama's Education Agenda?' Well...

"National standards would not make public schools accountable to families; rather, they would make schools responsive to bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. Moreover, national standards and tests would be a one-size-fits-all approach that tends toward mediocrity and standardization, undercutting the pockets of excellence and the principle of federalism on which this nation is founded."

No surprise there. This has been going on for years. It was called Goals 2000 and Outcome Based Education when my children were younger. I wonder what pithy name it will be given this time? Problem is it's the same ol' same ol' and won't do anything to help create an educated populace. Once again it will simply increase the number of homeschoolers in this country when parents realize the damage it is doing to their children in public school. Those Democrats just keep on making my job easier and easier.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pushing 60 and still can't decide what I want to be when I grow up!

Folks with psychology or psychiatry degrees need to get over their bad selves and accept the fact that parents make better teachers for their own children than certified strangers do. Don't you just love it when uppity-ups like this Dan Miller fellow  presume to tell us how to best educate our own children?

"But, Dan Miller, who chairs the Psychology & Psychiatry Department at Texas Woman's University and worked as a school psychologist for 25 years, says when children are taught only what interests them, they end up with holes in their education."

Holes in their education??? I'm 56, have a college degree and have had countless occupations. I still have lots of 'holes' in my education. To me that is the natural result of living life. An education (and who gets to define exactly what that is?) without holes would be a fierce beast to behold, I'm sure. I think what matters most is that #1...we're happy and #2...we have the ability to learn and keep on learning. Frankly, I still haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up. I'll be darned if some shrink is going to decide for me!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Children Exposed to Montana Sex-Ed for Kindergartners Will ‘Suffer in Countless Ways’

Children Exposed to Montana Sex-Ed for Kindergartners Will ‘Suffer in Countless Ways’

When will parents learn what public schooling is all about? What makes them think they can change or control public schooling from the inside? These days it's child neglect if you put your child into public school and it's child abuse if you allow your child to linger there year after year.

When you sign your child into public school your signature gives that school permission to teach whatever they want. In essence you've made the choice to follow the whims and policies of the public school. Once a parent gets that through their thick skull they may be able to finally see the real agenda of public schooling and decide not to participate.

Stop feeding the monster and it will eventually deflate or implode. Keep your child far away from those who would do harm to them, their education and to your family. Take charge of your life and take charge of your child's education. This means taking your child out of public school and finding a better and more wholesome alternative. You don't have the luxury of wasting time trying to reform the public schools since children grow up far too quickly. There is no time to waste.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Endorsing my nephew Jason Gibbs for VT Secretary of State

I'm endorsing my nephew Jason Gibbs for Vermont Secretary of State. I know his background and how he grew up. Jason grew up as a several generation Vermonter (yes, that has meaning); learned his work ethic from his hard working dad who retired from both GE and US Army Reserves; and Jason's mom took charge of his education without giving it over entirely to the public school system. Jason is mild-mannered, caring and loves his home state with a passion. Jason will have my vote in August and again in November 2010!

Jason grew up with homeschoolers in his family. He has 3 first cousins who are homeschool graduates and understands the need to protect our freedoms. He was Press Secretary to the Governor when homeschooling came out of the shadows and became mainstream in this state. Jason has high hopes for streamlining the Secretary of State's office which will benefit Vermont families who own or want to start a business. The best thing our government can do is get out of our way and let us exercise our freedoms. Jason understands this. I look forward to voting conservatives into the top government positions this election cycle so that Vermont families may succeed financially and educationally.

Go with Gibbs!

Are school trappings and froufrou needlessly costing you money?

Recently I stumbled across this little article concerning financing your homeschool. Geeeeesh, if this isn't enough to scare you away from deciding to homeschool I don't know what is.

The author writes: "When you need to make sure that your children receives state-of-the-art education so that they can compete with regular school goers, expenses will naturally mount."

What exactly IS a "state-of-the-art" education and since when do "regular" school goers get such a thing in public school? Most public school graduates I've met can barely read and write beyond a present day 8th grade level. Gee, I didn't realize public schooling was meant to be a competition. Personally, I don't want my unschoolers to compete with anyone. I want them to be self-sufficient and leaders within their own community and businesses.

The author also writes: "The actual cost of educating a child at home is surprisingly high. Up-to-date textbooks, course materials, a library, computing equipment, lighting, specially designed furniture all cost money."

One of the first things we learned 23 years ago as newbie homeschoolers was how unnecessary textbooks, course materials, specially designed furniture, school trappings and froufrou were to the success of our child's education. We quickly canned the desks, textbooks, curricula, tests, grades, school room and anything remotely associated with schooling. We simply began to live our lives on a day-to-day basis and did what we could afford to do, not what was expected of us by outside prying and schooled eyes. Also, the last time I checked a library card was free!

Home education is only as expensive as you want it to be. You have total control of your finances and budget. If you do need extra financing for your homeschool you can get some ideas at this link.

Don't feel pressured into thinking your child needs to attend every available opportunity and lesson to become a well rounded, intelligent, caring person. An overload of dance lessons, karate lessons, sports, summer camp and tons of other outside-the-home activities will not only be costly but may also burnout both parent and child. Relax and take life as it comes!