Sunday, December 16, 2007

Religion And Homeschooling

Is religion compatible with homeschooling? Is homeschooling compatible with religion? Should we not combine the two? For some, homeschooling is a religion. For us, religion aside, homeschooling is a way of life. However, we tend to find our way back to our spiritual side through homeschooling since it allows us the freedom to explore not only the outside world but our inner selves.

The following website: Resources for Former Members of Restrictive Religious Groups by Jim Moyers was pointed out on a fellow blogger's site. Actually, it is a subject I hadn't thought much about in the past but may do some research on in the future in the wake of the recent Colorado shootings committed by Matthew Murray.

I've had experiences with some homeschoolers who were so absorbed with their religion or church they were unable to see how they were actually confining their children to a world unto themselves. Nice people, make no mistake, but reminded me of church mice. When you open the door to the outside world they scramble and disappear into the darkness.

Am I worried about the 'reputation' of homeschooling when one of them snaps and commits some outrageous act against humanity? Not at all. I am, however, more concerned for those who have been injured or destroyed by those attacks and hope the rest of the community will wake up to the fact that we are all responsible for educating ourselves and those around us about the dangers of being self-absorbed, illiterate and ignorant of the many aspects of life.

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