Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not Homeschooling…Unschooling:

Not Homeschooling…Unschooling:

"In the Ellis County Judge race, it’s interesting to note that Republican Tea Party-backed candidate Kelly Kovar and Libertarian nominee Brandy Owen each homeschool their children. Carol Bush publicly broke truancy laws (I don’t agree with truancy laws) to take hers to what was it, get a new Harry Potter book or something silly like that?"

My homeschooled children had perfect attendance all their lives. They were never truant from their homeschool. Four years apart they were also Valedictorian of their graduating class...a class of ONE! Truancy laws are bogus. These laws are only meant to keep control over the parents. Without coercing parents into sending their children to school how else can the teacher's union maintain their monopoly.


Mrs. C said...

No kidding... though if one were to not have compulsory attendance laws, I would want some sort of reassurance from the parents sending their children to school at my expense that they're actually going.

Well, we're nowhere NEAR that point of having school being voluntary, so I suppose I'm splitting hairs. :)

Cindy Wade said...

Point well taken Mrs. C. The way I see it is I'm happy when public school children skip school. They are far better off 'out' of the system than 'in', even for just a day or two. My mission is to get them ALL out, send everyone home and close the doors. Then we can start all over again with Free and Independent Learning Centers without union involvement. I dream big (smiling)!