Monday, February 22, 2010

Deserted and discarded

This is The Little Red Schoolhouse in our town. Years ago it was a full fledged schoolhouse. In the 1960's it became a community center. When our daughter was 4 years old she attended a free preschool here for 4 days. These days we affectionately refer to her as our preschool dropout. I also spent six years directing a children's theater troupe here on its tiny stage.

Recently, the community center was deserted and discarded when a state sponsored, taxpayer supported preschool program opened in the town's public school system. The public school didn't have room for the paying preschoolers so they placed the program in the local daycare center. Former board members of The Little Red Schoolhouse were great supporters of this new taxpayer preschool program so they deliberately let the corporation status for the community center lapse for 3 years. This dissolved the community center and its programs. A Dork Award is in order here for those former LRSH board members.

Low and behold, the daycare center recently found themselves in an alleged nefarious situation unbecoming to a preschool program. Now a group of parents, led by a homeschooling mom, are reviving the Little Red Schoolhouse and some of its programs, including a playgroup for preschool aged children (they've been told they cannot call it a preschool).

Why is it when the government and public school officials get involved in the learning process they tend to botch everything? Guerrilla Homeschooling wishes this new group of board members all the best and kudos for reviving The Little Red Schoolhouse, especially the homeschooling mom who is working to reinstate this little treasure.

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Such Lovely Freckles said...

Wow, what a lovely little schoolhouse. And what a beautiful thing that someone is reviving it. :)