Thursday, February 25, 2010

Homeschoolers are now an army of Zombie Zealots?

If this article by Wayne Besen wasn't so hysterically funny on so many levels I'd be inclined to think the author had some sort of ax to grind...oh, wait...he does.

Wayne Besen writes, "It is generally understood that today's youth are more supportive of equality for gay and lesbian people. Faced with losing the next generation, fundamentalists are ferociously scrambling to capture the minds of youth through homeschooling and the subversion of public education."

Immediately, it's obvious Besen feels threatened by those unscrupulous mommies who have chosen this alternative to public schooling for their toddlers and preschoolers. Has it ever occurred to Mr. Besen homeschoolers are more inclined to choose this path because they want their children to learn reading, writing and arithmetic as opposed to being indoctrinated into the sort of thinking he is espousing?

Besen also writes, "It is important to realize that the goal of many in the homeschooling movement is to create an army of zealot zombies who are committed to transforming America into a fundamentalist "Christian Nation." What planet does this guy live on? Even if they were creating homeschooled 'Zombie Zealots' what business is it of his? Hey, Wayne, this is America and last time I checked we still have constitutional, parental and God-given rights. Deal with it!

Besen complains, "While many of these students are educated in terms of test scores, they may lack critical thinking skills. In a sense, they are like computers with large hard drives that have been programmed with faulty software. No matter how fast they compute they always arrive at same flawed conclusions based on the Biblical bugs planted early in their memory chips." I guess this is what some might term a moral compass. If there is any 'bug' it's in the chip on Besen's shoulder.

Sounds as though Mr. Besen isn't quite as tolerant as he expects the rest of the world to be. He goes on to whine, "When it comes to support, the next generation was supposed to be a wash. However, this successful trajectory is threatened if we allow today's youth to be brainwashed. While paying attention to school boards is boring, it must become a priority for all Americans who want schools to be about education instead of indoctrination."  Brainwashed? Who's been indoctrinating whom all these years?

Mr. Besen's credentials may better explain the reasons for his crybaby tirade against homeschoolers and homeschooling. At the end of the article this dude is described, "Wayne Besen is a columnist and author of the book "Anything But Straight: Unmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex-Gay Myth."


Mrs. C said...

Simple wikipedia search shows him to be a pro-gay nutjob with an agenda.

The link you provided... I'm not sure if this paper purports to be "objective," but it's juuust a little one-sided of an editorial. Then on the front page they're interviewing elected leaders "exclusively?" WT??? They are accountable to *the people,* not one particular news outlet.

That actually is more sickening than the article. I'd be more than a little steamed about mayors and the like offering "exclusive" interviews.

Ok... on the homeschool editorial. If the paper is balanced, I should imagine that it would print an alternate opinion, though in the past I've seen places like this use a columnist on one hand, and illeducated folks like Crazy Harry (or whatever the town's "rocket scientist" happens to be named) writing in with a rebuttal.

I think YOU should write it before Crazy Harry gets his submission approved. What say you?

Cindy Wade said...

Mrs. C.,
Thanks for the vote of confidence and the chuckle. I love your humor. I have more than a few 'nutjobs' in my area as well. Wish you lived closer, I'd invite you over for a cup of tea. Sounds like we may have a few things in common. (smile)