Friday, February 5, 2010

My 18 Year Prison Term By John Danz, Jr.

My 18 Year Prison Term By John Danz, Jr.

John writes: "I witnessed firsthand the dictatorship and suppression of freedom of thought. Teachers who pass off their personal opinion as fact, and fill in the void that a busy or careless parent leaves. A void filled with self-righteous lectures on abstaining from drugs, alcohol, profanity, and sex. A void that the typical parent refuses to fill, or the void that the typical parent expects the society they shelter their child from will somehow fill."

"I witnessed firsthand the pressures of peers. The superficiality which leads to a child completely revamping his or her self-image to satisfy the eyes of the shallow and superficial, the same ones who debase them based on their hair, skin, attire, or overall appearance."

But most telling: "I overheard the debasement of students and the cries of “I hate this job” from teachers who spent four years in college to end up in the situation that has them on their knees."

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