Thursday, February 11, 2010

Homeschooling Missouri mom receives custody

This homeschooling Missouri mom deserves kudos. Why? Throughout divorce proceedings she fought a long and difficult battle to keep her constitutional, parental and God-given right to homeschool her children. She eventually WON!

"A St. Charles County mother now has the final say in whether she continues to home-school her children, but a judge's ruling in a divorce case also suggests she find work to support herself."

Finding 'work to support herself' is the least of her worries. Lisa Payne-Naeger and her former husband were awarded joint legal custody but Lisa was granted the right to make the final decision if she and her ex-hubby cannot agree on educational issues. This is a BIG deal because most cases don't end this way.

Kudos to Circuit Judge Rick Zerr too! Hopefully, this will set a precedence for future cases. Zerr wrote in his brave and wise ruling: "For a case that was said at the start to 'not be about home schooling,' a substantial portion of the trial time, by both parties, centered on the concept and practice of home schooling."


Mrs. C said...


The mom was on Francis Howell school board previously!! This school district is known around the country by disability advocates. It LOCKS DISABLED CHILDREN IN CLOSETS. It does not listen to parents.

The lady who runs this blog used to have a child in the schools. Used to. Thank God for homeschooling...

The primary focus of the blog is to stop abusive restraint and seclusion practices in all institutions.

All that to say... NO WONDER she wanted to homeschool! She knew about the evil. She had to have.

Cindy Wade said...

Wow! Thanks for the link Mrs. C!

People with Blogger blogs need to add the Follow gadget to make it easier for us to stay informed and updated.

As an advocate I've heard many horror stories from parents over the years who had their children in public school and wanted to get them out. I even had a vice-principal call me wanting to get her 13 year old son out of the public school where she worked.

It's unfortunate it takes an incident that traumatizes a child before parents take action to get them out of school. I guess experience IS the best teacher after all.