Friday, February 26, 2010

Totalitarian propagandists exploit Khyra Ishaq case to discredit homeschooling

Totalitarian propagandists exploit Khyra Ishaq case to discredit homeschooling

Not surprising propagandists would jump on a story like this to make homeschoolers look bad but the truth is this case is not about homeschooling. It's about child abuse, which is a whole other can of crap, and a failed government program that allowed these children to wallow in a putrid home environment. Public officials need to step up and take responsibility here.

"She initially went to school, with a 100 per cent attendance record. There her condition aroused suspicion, so that the school contacted the authorities. Nothing was done. Social workers subsequently visited her home, so it cannot be claimed they did not know where she was – one of the reasons now being advanced for registration of children. This whole tragic, abusive situation had nothing whatever to do with homeschooling."

I don't get my panties in a twist over stories like this because it just shows how desperate these 'totalitarians' are to discredit a movement that has proved time and again to be the best solution to failed public schools and relief from the tyrants who run them. Parents who don't abuse their children and educate them in a loving, nurturing home don't need to hide behind the veil of homeschooling. I know of abusive homes that hide behind the veils of law enforcement, medicine, government (including school officials), and others. That is no reason to label them all maniacs that need regulating.

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