Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The bitter homeschooler's wish list

Digging into the archives I found this wonderful yet funny tidbit called The bitter homeschooler's wish list by Deborah Markus. It first appeared in Secular Homeschooling in 2007. I can't pick a favorite out of the list of 25 but this one I can relate to:

"11. Please stop questioning my competency and demanding to see my credentials. I didn't have to complete a course in catering to successfully cook dinner for my family; I don't need a degree in teaching to educate my children. If spending at least twelve years in the kind of chew-it-up-and-spit-it-out educational facility we call public school left me with so little information in my memory banks that I can't teach the basics of an elementary education to my nearest and dearest, maybe there's a reason I'm so reluctant to send my child to school."

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Badrinath said...

Quite possibly it's the fact that the median age is in the mid forties that makes us look like we are not in shape. Let me assure you dollar for dollar our men still do the grunt work that our predecessors did before us.