Friday, February 19, 2010

The Conservative Litmus Test | Flathead Beacon

The Conservative Litmus Test | Flathead Beacon

"Moving along, No. 8 says: “Parents are not always responsible, which is why some regulations of home schooling is necessary, and child health programs like CHIP [the Children Health Insurance Program] are a good idea.”

I will have to sharpen my pencil for this “belief statement” because I have no idea how homeschooling and CHIP are related under the umbrella of responsible parenting. Surely, a parent who opts for homeschooling still may need help if their child breaks a fibula. Luckily, I can mark down a 3, or “neutral/undecided,” and I do."

Many parents ARE not always responsible. Countless generations have been institutionalized in public schooling and have been deliberately made irresponsible.


Mrs. C said...

Hmmm... I clicked on the link but didn't peek at the original litmus test. I'm going to go out on a limb and say parents should be totally responsible for their children whenever possible. That means school lunches are provided by Mom and Dad. Surely if you can't feed your children you have no business buying them fancy shoes. :)

But the health insurance, I have no idea what to think sometimes, and even though Moms and Dads should be totally and completely responsible... I think the Obama administration could have done so much more to make health insurance more fair to the purchaser, or made it more portable (say, when one loses a job). WHY did they have to try going whole hog on the overhaul when that's not what most of us want??

I would like to see more equitable mental health (and autism somehow falls under mental health; go figure) coverage.

No one can be so "responsible" as to be expected to have 30 grand in the bank account in case of accident, though.

Meh... maybe I don't pass any litmus test because I seem to be all over the place on this one LOL.

PS I'm so glad you came back and re-followed! I had been meaning to click your link for a while and it disappeared. I will catch up with you more later. Love that pancake pic with your girls BTW :)

Cindy Wade said...

I'd been out of the loop for a spell. Now that our homeschooled children are grown I decided it was time to revamp my life, not just my blogs.

Our youngest will be 19 in April and is taking community college classes. Our daughter married a year ago in September. Life has changed tremendously since our children have grown up.

I thought I wouldn't need to advocate anymore but it seems my voice is still needed to defend our parental and constitutional rights. Maybe keeping up with my blog is a good thing because someday I may need to advocate for future grandchildren.

I'm glad others are sticking with me. I love reading the blogs of others and happy to see so many voicing their opinions. Happy blogging to all of you!