Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Teaching financial literacy to your child

The best way to teach financial literacy to your homeschooled child can be summed up in four words:

Rich Dad Poor Dad!

We used Robert Kiyosaki's books and games to help teach financial literacy to our children. We are still using his books and learning everyday how important this subject is to our very survival, now and in the future. Kiyosaki turns everything you ever learned about money on its head.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree that this book is great! But you should take a look at Money Savvy Generation (www.msgen.com). They sell a four-chambered piggy bank called the Money Savvy Pig and have an "at home" kit that was created to help teach kids about the choices they have for money - Save, Spend, Donate and Invest. This might be a nice compliment to what you are already doing with your children! Regardless of what you use - just talking about money with kids is SO important! They usually "get it" a lot faster than adults do! Keep up the great work!

RichDadWisdom.com said...

It is a good move to start teaching your children about financial literacy. You will be amazed how far ahead your children will be later on in life with money matters.

Cindy Wade said...

I checked out the four-chamber piggy bank. What a neat idea. I can see how a small child would love these. We used the 3 piggy bank format that Robert Kiyosaki suggests. Either way is a great way to get children started on a journey to personal financial responsibility.

We have almost all of Kiyosaki's books. Some have gone missing because we lent them out and they never returned. I give copies of Rich Dad Poor Dad and Rich Kid Smart Kid as gifts. It is so important we teach this subject to our children and Kiyosaki is the only one who ever made the most sense to me. Thanks for the comments, both of you.