Sunday, July 22, 2012

3 Good Reasons Why NOT To Use Public Schools

Are parents paying attention to the news and trends this year? Are they uncertain what to think about the economy or the tranquility of the world? Are the extreme weather patterns we're experiencing a fluke?  For instance, here's a sampling of what's happening in our world:

Global Recession


Floods & Wildfires


Food Prices



It's time to keep your family close, not only for monetary reasons but for safety as well. For homeschoolers every day is a 'snow' day. For homeschoolers every day is a Saturday! Three good reasons why you should consider NOT sending your child to public school this fall include:

1) Safety...know where your children are at ALL times, especially your very young children. Today, the schools are full of frustrated and dangerous bullies, including staff members who work there. Not only are the schools dangerous to the health of your child but they undermine your child's spirituality, learning and happiness.

2) can save a bundle by not sending your child to public school. You'll save on transportation, clothing, meals, fundraising, sports, club dues and a myriad of other hidden expenses. You and your children can work together at a home-based business and supplement their education with a free library card and the internet for all the information the world has to offer.

3) Education...let's face it, the public schools are failing to educate unless you consider outcome based learning an education. Homeschoolers are open-sourced learners and test way above their public schooled peer group. Even if you work full-time you CAN homeschool. Learn more about homeschooling by reading the 16 Dos and Don'ts for a successful homeschool experience here at Guerrilla Homeschooling.

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