Friday, October 25, 2013

Why French children don't have there's something to ponder

The title of this article is Why French Kids Don't Have ADHD by Marilyn Wedge, Ph. D. and it explains much about child rearing in the French culture as opposed to the way American's raise their offspring. The public schools in the USA have whittled away at parental rights while taking over the raising of America's children. However, many of us, via homeschooling, have managed to maintain our God-given and constitutional rights to raise our own children as we see fit. We get to set our own standards which are usually higher than the school's one-size-fits-all method.

Is ADHD a defect related to social and cultural environments? Does it even exist at all? Could it be there is far more money to be made with the diagnosis and treatment for ADHD than there is for raising children outside of the failed institution we know as public schooling?  Ponder that.

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