Friday, March 30, 2012

We're being hornswoggled into collapse by our own ignorance

Anyone, besides me, ready to go back to the horse and buggy days? I mean literally? I grew up on a rural Vermont farm with 9 brothers and sisters. We were 2 miles from the village and 13 miles from the nearest city. We were self-sufficient, rarely saw doctors, made or grew most everything we needed and we were happy. My siblings and I learned how to milk cows, ride and drive horses, grow gardens, raise livestock, fish, hunt, fix things, forage and we learned how to get along. As children nature was our toy box. We resembled the Waltons in many ways. We walked the 2 miles to a two-room schoolhouse for grades 1-6, along with about 12 neighbor children, or to ride the school bus for high school six miles away.

If the present economic situation in this country keeps deteriorating and we're eventually forced to shut down transit, the box stores, the albatross public schools and other entities, we'll need to become LOCAL once again, the way it was 100 years ago. By local I mean we’ll get most of our supplies and fulfill our needs closer to home. We’ll be more dependent on local businesses, friends, family and neighbors. I can deal with that. For me, I can return to my roots and I know I'll be fine. But, what about you?

We need to weed out the welfare system, the public school system, the banking system, the political system and focus our military on protecting our nation, not policing the world. Taxes are eating everyone alive and for what? Parents live in fear of government with every decision they make concerning their child's welfare and upbringing. This is a major reason why I hammer down on public schooling so hard because that is one of the main places where all this nonsense is bred. People are so hornswoggled by the schools we have an uneducated citizenry that can't function properly anymore.

If we're 'forced' to dial back our present day existence people will have to rethink this calamity we're in. Some (maybe many) people will get hurt but with any disaster it has a way of bringing out the best in us. I want to see this world return to a more meaningful way of life on a more humane level. Sure, I use the internet, electric grid, my vehicle for business and joy riding, but if all that stopped I’d adapt. I’d overcome and I’d improvise too, just like the Marines.

The politicians in this country are out of control. The state and federal governments are out of control. Taxes and inflation are out of control. Police departments and social workers are out of control. Public schools are out of control. Debt is out of control. Bankers have long been out of control and the mainstream media is too controlled. A total collapse, if it’s going to happen, can’t arrive soon enough for me. Let’s get this pain over with. Let’s get on with recovering and living in a less complicated and corrupt world. 

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Your FCU Homeschooling blog is wonderful. I cannot read the written parts but the videos in English are so much fun. The girls are having a wonderful time and are fun to watch. Thank you so much for sharing.

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