Thursday, September 26, 2013

Meet another homeschool mom and see how she does it

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There are lots and lots more homeschoolers today. When we began our homeschooling journey over 28 years ago, homeschoolers were few and far between. Many were homeschooling 'under the radar' but some of us were willing to plow the way for future generations by being vocal and highly visible.

Interviews, such as this, are great to see how other homeschooling moms approach education and child rearing. They can be inspirational and informative, as well as encouraging. Not all mom's will have a college degree in teaching but don't let that stop you from providing your child with the best learning environment you can muster. In fact, I've discovered over the years some of the best homeschooling parents are drop-outs. They don't bring to their homeschool all the educational theory and baggage some parents with degrees have.

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