Thursday, January 10, 2013

Can homeschooling save America?

News of the world gets more and more frustrating every day. There are mass shootings by psychopaths ingesting legal drugs; food riots by starving people in foreign countries; drone strikes on innocents ordered by peace prize recipients; collapsed economies brought on by greedy bankers; and a neutered congress lacking the fortitude to protect our constitution here in our very own country. It seems everything is topsy turvy and getting worse, not just by the day, but by the hour.

Governments are out of control world wide. Our own American government is spending money like a drunken lottery winner, raising taxes on everyone including the poor, and chipping away at our God-given and constitutional rights. Union controlled public schools are a nightmare and downright dangerous, yet parents are forced to send their children into them under the threat of fine or jail.

Can homeschooling save America? I think it can. 

Homeschooling is all about freedom. Homeschoolers are free to learn whatever they want, whenever they want and wherever they want. With that said, homeschoolers could change the course of American history if they did just one thing and did it with overwhelming intensity and passion. That one thing? They can change the fate of this country by studying the United States Constitution in depth and with the fervor of a true patriot.

The side benefit to studying the U.S. Constitution, its creation and its purpose, will be a good dose of world history, a much needed scholarly pursuit these days. The learner will uncover information as to how the world has reached this point of utter chaos.

This very day homeschoolers need to drop everything they're doing and create an environment totally submerged in lessons concerning freedom. An environment in which to learn about the creation of a document that explains our unalienable rights given to each of us, not by those who govern over us, but by God, Himself. The hour is now to stand up for those rights, throw off any and all fears, and prepare to pass along the truth and true meaning of freedom to the children of this country.

Times are indeed grave. America can no longer wait for our present day leaders to undo the damage already done to our individual God-given freedoms and rights.  Too many unborn citizens have already been slaughtered and denied their right to life. Too many world citizens have been murdered or disappeared and their voices silenced by tyrannical government leaders. Too many souls have been lost to a new world order, in the making, that preys on those with the faith to believe in a God that made them free.

Each day of homeschooling comes with it a greater understanding of what true freedom is and less fear of governmental restraint. The tyrants know this and continue to challenge our resolve to do what is right for our children, our families and our country. We will not be deterred and we will not let them win. Our mission is far too important and that mission is to preserve what began in the year 1776.

Without our freedom we are not free to homeschool. Homeschooling is the new revolution. Homeschoolers are the new patriots. Like it or not, we have a duty to preserve and protect our republic, at all costs, as those who have lived before us have done. 

America is the last shining light of freedom in this world. To let her guiding flame be snuffed by unscrupulous world tyrants, hell-bent on her destruction, would be the end of freedom for all. It would cease the ability to let the word God roll from the tongues of citizens everywhere and that, my friends, is why it is time to take a stand for yourself, your children and your country. Stand up for your rights and I mean ALL rights!

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