Tuesday, September 17, 2013

PA Homeschool Dad Pays Property Taxes in Dollar Bills

This homeschooling dad is terrific. Watch him pay $7,143.00 of his $10,000.00 property taxes in dollar bills and some change. He homeschools his three children and doesn't utilize the public school. His argument is we are being coerced into paying for something we don't need or want (very true) and we shouldn't live in fear of losing our homes if we don't cough up the dough that pays the union thugs (my words) who run the public schools.

We all know school boards are as useless as tits on a bull because their main function is to extort as much cash as they can from taxpayers, in order to appease the union thugs who control this monopoly. The video is approximately 14 minutes long but well worth watching.

Kudos homeschool dad for standing up for your rights and for giving us this visual to pass along to other patriots.

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