Saturday, September 18, 2010

Better Bail Faster, Billy

This is an ad for Len Britton who is running for Untied States Senate here in Vermont against Patrick 'Leaky' Leahy. I had the pleasure of talking with Len at the Vermont State Fair recently for over an hour while we both visited the GOP booth. We talked as parents and as Vermont citizens, not as candidate and constituent. This guy has it together and understands what is at stake with the coming election and the continuation of the Obama administration. He's aware of what OBE is and how it is damaging the education process here in Vermont and across this country. Not many candidates I've spoken with know what OBE is and that is very scary. We agreed we are headed for hyperinflation very soon. His campaign manager didn't impress me as just another spin doctor and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him too. It isn't often I get honest unrehearsed answers from candidates but that is exactly what I got from Len during our conversation. He was not at all pretentious and was very likable in manner and ideas. He has my vote! 

Here's another great ad from Len's campaign:

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