Saturday, September 18, 2010

Howard Dean unleashed on unsuspecting countries who believe his crap!

This unimportant little man was governor of our state here in Vermont for 11 years. Dean did everything he could to hamper the homeschooling movement and, with the blessing of the teacher's union, allowed the Vermont Department of Education to harass homeschooling families. He also managed to destroy much of our self-sufficient way of life and is the person responsible for opening the door (behind closed doors when he refused to let the press record his signing of the civil union bill) for same sex marriage around the world. He's famous for his crazed Dean Scream and for raising a rather unruly public schooled child of his own. Just thought I'd share what he's up to these days. Appears he's branching out to other countries since no one takes him seriously here in the States anymore. Major Dork Award to little Howie Dean!

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