Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Jersey Governor Christie shines the light on NJEA

The sad part is that what the NJEA does is not limited to New Jersey schools. This goes on all over this country. Every state has a teacher's union that puts the screws to the taxpayers. Governor Christie though seems to be one of the few people who can articulate what is going on behind the scenes at union headquarters. You gotta love this guy for shining a light on these shenanigans.

When I first became aware of what the teacher's union in our state of Vermont was doing I tried to get people to pay attention. It was a losing battle so I simply went home and taught my children. I wasn't going to waste precious time trying to fix a broken system that I knew would take years to repair. This is why parents are foolish to think they can fix the system from within by putting their children in public school and then try to change the monopoly. They'll waste their time, their child's potential and the best years of their child's life.

Kudos to Governor Christie once again. A Triple-Dork Award to the NJEA, the VTEA and the NEA.

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