Friday, January 25, 2008

Hands-on Behavior Teacher Breaks Student's Finger

In 'The Underground History of American Education' John Taylor Gatto writes:

"Nobody should be allowed to teach until they get to be forty years old. No one should be allowed anywhere near kids without having known grief, challenge, success, failure, and sadness.

We ought to be asking men and women who've raised families to teach, older men and women who know the way things are and why. Millions of retired people would make fine teachers. College degrees aren't a good way to hire anybody to do anything. Getting to teach should be a reward for proving over a long stretch of time that you understand and have command of your mind and heart.

And you should have to live near the school where you teach. I had some eccentric teachers in Monongahela, but there was not a single one didn't live close to me as a neighbor. All existed as characters with a history profiled in a hundred informal mental libraries, like the library of her neighbors my grandmother kept."

Sounds like this teacher got his teaching degree prematurely and now it's going to cost him his career and his reputation. As a home education advocate and one who watches what goes on in public schools I see a goodly number of these behavior specialists doing harm to their students. When I hear a public or private school teacher say: "I love those kids like they were my own..." it creeps me out. These people need to get their own children and leave mine alone. If they truly feel the need to nurture they need to get a puppy. They have no business being near children, especially those of others. But then, a smart parent wouldn't let their child be with a teacher like this in the first place.

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