Saturday, January 26, 2008

Are you schooling at home or homeschooling?

Using a canned homeschool curriculum (such as Abeka DVD) and can't motivate your child to do their 'home work'? Feel like you need to tell your child what to do constantly in order to accomplish what is expected of them?

Maybe it's your approach. Stop schooling at home. If you're recreating the school in the home that is a big turnoff to everyone. Relax and try 'unschooling'. It is not normal, nor is it natural to force feed information into a child.

Try reading 'The Homeschooling Book of Answers' by Linda Dobson. You may develop a better grasp on what homeschooling should be. Do this before you turn your child off to learning completely by 'schooling' them at home. Home should feel safe and secure where parents protect you from distress and harm. By schooling at home you make the home an uncomfortable and stressful place to be. Most children would rather be in school if they are going to be subjected to the torment of 'schooling' and save the home for a safe haven away from all that schooling nonsense. I'd toss the Abeka program and start creating your own, more natural, learning experiences.

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