Saturday, January 26, 2008

Does your public high schooler want to homeschool?

Our children and my nephew use the local community college as their high school. While taking classes they also receive college credits. My nephew used his 30 credits to enter the military at age 18 (he just turned 20 and has traveled around the states and to Germany and is presently stationed in California) with no high school transcripts, diploma, or GED.

Our daughter is working part time and still taking classes part time. She began college at age 15 (she was a preschool dropout and homeschooled all her life). She owns her own business and pays for each course out of pocket so she won't have any loans to pay back when she graduates.

Our son is 16 and started his college classes last fall. He is attending part time and helps me with my home based antique/eBay business. He too is paying out of pocket so there will be no loans to pay back or a debt burden.

It is taking longer than going to college full time but it has given them time to mature and decide what directions they wish to take. There is also no monetary waste on college campus room & board. They can focus on their class work without the usual distractions such as campus politics & parties, etc.

Some good sources for learning about homeschooling are:

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