Friday, January 25, 2008

Guerrilla Homeschooling Endorses Mitt Romney for President!

You begin to have an inkling your political opinions matter when friends and family start asking you, more often than you can count, who you would vote for in a presidential election and why. I see more and more of this as the years go by. People know I'm vocal and they know I research political issues. They know I take presidential elections seriously and they know I wouldn't support a candidate if I didn't feel him qualified and trustworthy. I don't know why my opinion matters to them but, if it does, then I'm here to place my support behind Mitt Romney for president.

Romney is presidential in every way. He's not the perfect candidate but his record speaks to conservatism and that is what I stand behind. Romney's background on myspace is an open book on his values and an indication of what his presidency will be. Romney's leadership and values is what this country needs in these uncertain and dangerous times. With a strong, moral and experienced conservative leader in the White House our lives keep heading in the direction of freedom and self-responsibility.

I encourage my readers to research Romney's history and leadership record. If you have strong core conservative principals you need to research your candidates and see whether or not they are true conservatives. Romney's background and record indicates he's the best candidate for president.

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