Sunday, January 20, 2008

1st Robotics Now In Rutland, Vermont

Rutland's hometown heroes General Electric (did you know Thomas Edison was a homeschooler?) and Alderman's Chevrolet have combined efforts to sponsor a 1st Robotics team here in the Rutland County area. This wonderful opportunity is open to high school age children in the area. They meet at the GE plant right here in Rutland, Vermont. At this time there is only one homeschooler participating in this group and the rest of the participants are from area high schools.

See more about 1st Robotics at What a great opportunity for students interested in math and science to have this available to them. The mentors from GE are terrific and the students are learning so much from them and from this hands-on experience. The students get to work on the robot and compete at regional and national competitions. Contact the group through the website and learn more by reading about 1st Robotics at the same site.

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