Friday, January 25, 2008

Since when does a temper tantrum warrant handcuffs & arrest?

If a parent tried this, this, or this at home they'd find themselves in handcuffs and arrested for child abuse!

Since when can't a teacher handle the temper tantrum of a 5 year old? Is cuffing and arresting a child at the age of 5 necessary or even wise? What parent, in their right mind, would even chance sending their child to public or private school and risk having this happen? Parents need to take responsibility for this happening to their child, not because the child misbehaves or throws a tantrum in school, but because school officials have stepped over the boundaries of common sense and are totally devoid of good parenting skills which are needed to raise children. These parents need to be held accountable for subjecting their children to these incompetents in the first place.

How convenient the teacher just happened to be video taping her classroom the day this 5 year old threw a tantrum. There is mention this child and her mother already had conflicts with the staff. There seems to be one too many incidents of arresting and handcuffing 5 year olds in this country. Has it dawned on these school officials these children don't want to be institutionalized and throwing a tantrum is the only means of expression for their young minds. As a parent are you willing to risk an incident like this and destroy your child's future?

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