Saturday, January 29, 2011

Homeschool Freedom Act Introduced in New Hampshire

Homeschool Freedom Act Introduced in New Hampshire

"The proposed law involves homeschoolers sending a simple one-time notification when a homeschool program begins. The bill also removes several provisions which granted state agencies unnecessary oversight and created unwarranted bureaucracy for school districts and parents. Numerous states have changed their laws in recent years along the same lines as H.B. 301, including Arizona and Nevada, because national homeschooling research has shown that needless bureaucracy just wastes parents’ time and taxpayers’ money."

Let's hope the rest of this country will begin to follow this lead. In some states it's amazingly simple to homeschool. In other states it's a bureaucratic nightmare. Homeschooling is catching on like wild fire and folks are realizing its massive savings to taxpayers, let alone the fact that the education homeschoolers receive far exceeds that of public schooling.

We're in tough economic times. Homeschooling may be the saving grace this country needs right now for more reasons than just saving the taxpayers money.

The new law may or may not help this persecuted homeschooling New Hampshire mom.

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