Saturday, January 22, 2011

Father: 'My children are being held hostage'

Father: 'My children are being held hostage'

"They're not accountable to anyone," Jackson told WND. "They told us they do not lose cases, and they will substantiate the abuse. This has not been an objective investigation in the first place. They want to adopt the children out, because they get money for adopting children out."

What better children to adopt out than those raised in a loving, nurturing and devout environment. Adoptive parents don't want kids off the street anymore, so now agencies like NJDYFS nab children from decent unsuspecting families. Where is the governor on all this? Unfortunately, his happens in our state all the time too. One southern county here in Vermont is notorious for their shenanigans of taking children for no good reason and putting them into foster care. Our former governor was well aware of what was going on but did nothing to investigate or stop this practice. When he was given photographic proof of the abuse in the foster homes his response was to silence the whistle blowers, not punish the abusers.

This is a sad story and public pressure needs to be placed on the NJDYFS to stop their dangerous nonsense. If you were to investigate the culprits at the NJDYFS (as well as those in our own state) you'll likely find them to be some of the worst offenders of child abuse, neglect and corruption. They hide behind their authority.

"You can pray about other things, you can pray that they'll be happy in their placements," said a DYFS worker identified by Jackson as Denise Hollerbach."

Religion? Hah! People in agencies like the NJDYFS could care less about your religion or your children. They have no regard for constitutional rights either. I learned that years ago while advocating for homeschooling families. Having authority over people is purely a power trip for women like Hollerbach. It's how they get their jollies. It makes their drab lives exciting, like they're living on the edge. In their little pea brains their actions are justified because they are supported by a huge corrupt bureaucracy that backs them. Their existence is not motivated by compassion or doing what is right for families, but by money, greed and power. Any honest, caring and intelligent person wouldn't work for such an organization like the NJDYFS in the first place.

"We were told we're 'excessive Christians' by our therapeutic supervisor," a DYFS contractor, said John Jackson."

Excessive? Now that's a first.

Maybe it's time to stop voting the nut-jobs in who put people like Hollerbach and this therapeutic supervisor in positions of authority. The only thing these nasty people understand is public pressure and bad press, but even then it's no guarantee they will do the right thing by reuniting this family. Sometimes it only makes them meaner and hammer down even harder.

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