Monday, January 24, 2011

Toddlers on ‘hate registers’ for playground squabbles

Toddlers on ‘hate registers’ for playground squabbles

"Last year it was revealed that children as young as five were set to be added to compulsory ‘hate registers’ for using playground insults."

You better believe this is already happening here in America. Go to your school and when you ask to see your child's school records be sure to ask for the electronic version as well as the printed one. Make sure you don't give the school officials any prior notice that you plan to arrive and ask for the records or they will conveniently pull items they don't want you to see. Don't be surprised if they put you off and tell you to come back later, or they can't find your child's records. Be sure to check the nurse's office for the records if the principal doesn't have them because that's where most of the evaluating and drugging of the child goes on. Think I'm kidding? I've advocated for more than several families this has happened to. These are records that will follow your child for the rest of their lives and can destroy their future.

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