Saturday, January 8, 2011

Doctors prescribe but parents give permission to administer

Thousands of children are prescribed these lethal medications by doctors every day but isn't permission needed from the parent to administer them? Why would a parent do this? Concern? Ignorance? Convenience? Lazy parenting? Stupidity? Stop and think!

So, maybe you gave birth to a child and you no longer have custody. Does your responsibility as a parent end there? How can you not hold yourself accountable when others in this world are medicating your child? A parent is a parent for life no matter the circumstances, the same way abortion does not stop you from becoming a mother or father. Abortion simply makes you the mother or father of a dead baby. But I digress so I'll save that topic for another day.

We all need to stop listening to doctors, politicians, the media and the money mongers who promote the dissolution of the family and the murder of unborn children. Be prepared to fight for your child's health, happiness and well being or don't become a parent. In case you haven't heard sex leads to pregnancy so either take precautions or get married. Yes, this sounds harsh but it's time we humans stop making excuses for our lack of self-discipline, lack of responsibility and lack of caring for our offspring. It saddens me to see videos like this and I don't like being sad.

Since when did human life become so worthless that we think so little of our own who are born to us. Parenting is the most difficult but the most enriching task you will ever undertake. Why would you give up that calling and privilege to others who would do your child harm?

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